Fr Gordon opines on old chainsaw pic


This was taken some nine years ago. Fr Gordon MacRae thought this was by far the best picture of me, as it perfectly described my hermit life at the time. There’s Mass and prayers – and a million priestly things to do when no other priests are around – but also hard physical labor, the ol’ ora et labora motto of Saint Benedict: Work and Pray. The winters are long and cold and when heating with wood you gotta get wood to burn.

But in my last phone call with Fr Gordon, he said that picture would have to be replaced as it is no longer the best picture. Little did he know that I would have another chainsaw picture just some hours after that phone call. A very large bug-pine had been knocked down in a recent storm above our church parking lot, right into the neighbor’s yard and that neighbor asked if I might have it removed. To me, this kind of thing is great recreation, and I was happy to rev up the old chain saw. It started immediately, happy to oblige. It was already super sharp, ready to go. Bit of gas. Bit of oil. Vroom! 2 1/2 dozen big logs. 2 1/2 dozen smaller logs. All the wood was given to an elderly gent who heats only with wood and is well into his 70s. Bug-Pine, by the way, does little to manufacture creosote. It’s weird that my neighbor to the hermitage mentioned that I should cut some wood for the elderly poor just a few days ago. Not just a coincidence methinks.


Anyway, the picture Fr Gordon now wants to say is his all time favorite of yours truly is this one below (about which I wrote in a previous post):


My personal favorite is this one below. I’m the little one getting baptized:

just me 01

Do you have pictures of your baptism? Do you celebrate your baptism day each year? We find our identity in Jesus, for He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We have to be all about Jesus. He’s the One. He’s the only One.

Having said that, but not inconsistent with that, I have lots of good times as a priest.


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4 responses to “Fr Gordon opines on old chainsaw pic

  1. Joisy Goil

    I was three with I was baptized, by a priest who was a childhood pal of my Dad. Dad was a Easter/Christmas Catholic, my mom was a devout Methodist. My folks met during WWII and settled in Dad’s hometown after the war. Mom visited her hometown and of course spoke to her MInister. He advised her to become a Catholic, “because Catholics don’t convert, and be the best Catholic you can be and make your husband a better Catholic.”
    He said this because he believed that a house divided by religion could not last. I guess he was right – Mom and Dad were married for 53 years when she passed away.
    I have no pictures but I remember walking down the center aisle for my Baptism and still have the dress the priest bought for me for my baptism.
    When I was in Catholic school studying my catechism, Mom studied with me. She told me all this during her final illness. I knew she was a convert but the rest was news to me.
    Bottom line: I have a Methodist minister to thank for my Catholic faith.

  2. Aussie Mum

    I’m glad you have lots of good times as a priest, Father. I think it’s because you are glad to be who you are.

  3. Liz

    The first picture I ever saw was that wonderful one at the top, Father! Your baptism photo is really neat! I don’t have a picture of my baptism, but after my parents died I found a baby book which gave me a date, February 2, 1969. I pray often for the priest who baptized me. I’m so grateful to know. (p.s. I wonder if they would have done a baptism on that date prior to Vatican II. I don’t know.) p.p.s. Recently we found out that my husband was baptized on what would be my birthday two years before I was born. Pretty neat!

  4. Joisy Goil

    Love your pictures! You’re looking good!

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