Stations of the Cross on Mt Carmel

Once you’ve seen these stations, you can’t un-see them. But, the intensity of them… Well, it all bears repeating.

I made this set of videos (about 20 minutes all told) during my time living just over the cave of Elijah on Mount Carmel, Israel. That was in 2009. The Order of Discalced Carmelites had invited me to stay there for an entire month during the years that I was a chaplain at Lourdes.

It was here that I learned what happened, in detail, during the Conclave in which Benedict XVI was elected to be Bishop of Rome. I only mention that as it all brings us back to these particular Stations of the Cross.

I must say that these videos are very emotional for me to watch to this day. What a fright! But… Jesus, Mary’s Son, is just that good and kind. Even though in watching these you don’t move from station to station yourself, I’m sure your heart will be transported to be right next to Jesus, to be with Him in solidarity, and to be right next to His dear mother as she accompanies our Lord, again in all solidarity. These stations rip the heart right out of my chest. Dear Lord…


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2 responses to “Stations of the Cross on Mt Carmel

  1. Aussie Mum

    Watching these two videos is a good way to begin Lent, thank you Father.

    • nancyv

      Yes, I am always humbled to return here and grateful to Father for taking those of us unable (or me, unwilling) to get out in the world beyond our borders.

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