Coronavirus: Last night in our church

About those videos: Once you’ve seen these stations, you can’t un-see them. But, the intensity of them… Well, it all bears repeating. I made this set of videos (about 20 minutes all told) during my time living just over the cave of Elijah on Mount Carmel, Israel. The OCDs had invited me to stay there for an entire month during the years that I was a chaplain at Lourdes. I must say that these videos are very emotional for me to watch to this day. What a fright! But… Jesus, Mary’s Son, is just that good and kind! Even though in watching these you don’t move from station to station yourself, I’m sure your heart will be transported to be right next to Jesus, to be with Him in solidarity, and to be right next to His dear mother as she accompanies our Lord, again in all solidarity. These stations rip the heart right out of my chest. Dear Lord…

Meanwhile, during Coronavirus panic, the Stations of the Cross in our little parish church: We had a record number of people show up for the Adoration and the Stations of the Cross. We have:

  • Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Some minutes of Adoration
  • Stations of the Cross with, of course, the Stabat Mater
  • Some minutes of quiet Adoration
  • Then I go back into the Confessional and hear lots of Confessions (it goes overtime), and the rest of the those present are led in prayers
  • Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament (one of our young servers is being trained into ringing the bells thrice x 3 during the Benediction itself)

Meanwhile, while all that was going on, Charlotte Diocese, working into the night, sent out policies and guidelines. I haven’t been able to look over them yet, but, now it’s Saturday, and people are wondering about the weekend Masses.


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12 responses to “Coronavirus: Last night in our church

  1. nancyv

    I’d say you and your parish are doing the better part.

  2. Catherine

    Father George, it is such a blessing what you are doing for the people there. Our good Lord and Lady are not forgotten nor neglected.

    St. Joseph has been called on to overlook your area this year. Perhaps, under his title “terror of demons” and “Protector of Holy Church”, he should be asked to intercede at this time when satan is cheering that the church is being shut down all over the world.
    Also seek the intercession of The Holy Family. It means we are calling on St. Joseph, the head of the holy family, Mary, the Blessed Virgin, wife and mother, and Jesus, the Christ, God, Man and Saviour. Where the Holy Family is, you will find the warrior angels and St. Michael, the Archangel and all his angels. We have so much help from God if we only remember to ask for their help
    God bless you Father George. Thank you for being a good and faithful priest.

  3. I am one of those people with a weakened immune system. We all meet our Savior and Judge at sometime as He pleases. I am grateful that He is encouraging people to return to Him using this instrument. God bless us all, and grant us the grace to stay close to Him in this time of trial.

  4. pelerin

    I went to Adoration and Benediction today in another local church and picked up a letter from our Bishop on the way out. He states that we have now moved to Stage 2 measures which include no using of shared Mass books , Communion under one kind only, no Sign of Peace and no refreshments after Mass in the parish halls. Looking through I noticed that three of the measures would not apply anyway in the EF – everyone would have had their own Missals so no shared Mass books, Holy Communion would only be under one kind anyway and no sign of peace a recent innovation. This latter I hope will be permanent!
    Holy Water stoups should be emptied and Communion should be received on the hand are two of the other measures.
    The parish I attend has for many years at the NO only had Holy Communion under one kind and receiving kneeling and on the tongue. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.
    Have just learnt that the Archbishop of Paris has stopped all Masses in his diocese tomorrow although weekday ones will be allowed. We in England are a week or two behind France so I do not look forward to not being able to attend Sunday Mass.

  5. pelerin

    Attending Mass today I was pleased to see that the priest ignored the bishop’s instruction to only offer Holy Communion in the hand. He told us before Mass that we still had the choice and has not printed out the bishop’s letter which I picked up in another parish yesterday.
    However after having for many years only men and boys as altar servers, he is now so short of them that he is wondering if he ought to allow women and girls to serve and has asked our opinion. I have got so used to only men serving (as it used to be) that if I attend Mass elsewhere and see altar girls I find it distracting. The priest is not in good health so I appreciate he needs a server at his side but I have to admit that I would hate to see girl servers there. It is a wonderful parish with Mass always celebrated ad orientem.

  6. sanfelipe007

    I returned from Mass a while ago. almost all worshipers were between 12 and 40. with only 5 outliers being over 40. No infants, no toddlers.

    What struck me most was the absence of coughs, sneezes, and chit-chat. A very healthy (I would guess) and attentive group.

    I had no problem receiving my Lord on the tongue. Every response was full-throated. Very nice. I prayed for all who were not there.

    Thanks be to God.

  7. Joisy Goil

    Our Archbishop cancelled all masses Saturday night. While he said mass and had it live on the computer – we watch and said the rosary, there was something missing. (even with spiritual communion – it just wasn’t the same)
    Any thoughts?

    • Aussie Mum

      It seems Catholics are being given the opportunity to offer-up more than usual this Lent.

      • sanfelipe007

        When you’re right, Aussie Mum, you’re right. I am praying for you and all Priests,
        Father. The faithful need to see our Priests fearlessly toiling in the fields. May the Lord grant you supernatural courage.

    • sanfelipe007

      The difference is there is “no risk” involved with watching, as there is in participating, there, onsite. Think; the difference between Christians hiding at home, from the persecutions, as opposed to the Christians going to Mass. Maybe a little dramatic, but accurate. But I wasn’t there, maybe Peter pleaded with certain of the faithful to hide, maybe Peter granted indults to the fearful.
      There is virtue, and then there is heroic virtue. [says sanfelipe007, the coward’

  8. pelerin

    Although the Sanctuaries in Lourdes are closed to the public they are still broadcasting the afternoon Rosary (in French). Notre Dame de Lourdes priez pour nous.

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