Coronavirus: Empty shelves at Walmart

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Panic buying isn’t defined as buying extra so that one has many weeks supply. We’ve been asked to do that. So, do that. That’s good.

Panic buying is defined as buying a six-month supply every time you get a chance to go to the supermarket so that you have no place to put everything. And you can’t help yourself. That’s panic.

Having said all that, I did go ahead and buy a couple of bags of dog-food for Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog, the last two big bags. Gooooood daaaaaawgs!!!


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6 responses to “Coronavirus: Empty shelves at Walmart

  1. sanfelipe007

    I was taking a walk last night, going down a certain street that had several types of food establishments. I noticed a fellow pedestrian who seemed stymied at the inability to enter any food establishment.
    I guess he did not get the news that all restaurants had been ordered to close lobbies and dining rooms, and to only offer drive-thru, take away. The exception being supermarkets, and gas stations.
    I received an email from my local grocery that said they were hiring! I’ll guess they are hiring stockers,

  2. Ah, Walmart! Go to their website and type “Baphomet” in the search box. What you will find will amaze you, I am sure. I no longer shop there at all. Some things cost a bit more, but, “What doth it profit….?” God bless and protect you, Father, all your parishioners, and all who visit this site.

  3. pelerin

    Empty shelves – same here in Britain. I managed to buy one banana yesterday from my local supermarket. I am still wondering why the previous customer had not taken it!
    I’m pleased your dogs will not go short.

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