Coronavirus hits entitled narcissistic Spring Breakers… Sympathy Loading –[ 0.001% ]– Please Wait…

Seriously, I hope they get better.

Seriously, I hope they get over their entitlement to being the only ones who exist in the world.

Seriously, I hope they don’t carelessly spread the Coronavirus to, say, their grandparents.

There comes a point when being arrogantly careless as in – “I’m immortal and brave in burying my head in the sand” – then becomes despair and vengeance and malice.

For instance, tender snowflake entitled White Supremacists are encouraging members to spread Coronavirus to Police and Jews.

They all write the script for their own version of the Theater of the Absurd, and then, with zero identity in Jesus, bring their absurdity to the next step.

As I say, I hope they all get over it.

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