Coronavirus lockdown for NC?

Shelter-in-place is a sensible next step for North Carolina

NC Governor on the coronavirus: ‘We know this will get worse before it gets better’

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper tells reporters that the coronavirus situation in the state will get worse before it gets better and cooperation and social distancing will help slow the spread of illness. Cooper spoke Thursday, March 19, 2020.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has been both thoughtful and aggressive in taking steps to slow the COVID-19 virus. He’s closed schools, bars and restaurant dining rooms, and he might be ready soon to take the next and most significant step: a shelter-in-place order that would require North Carolinians to stay at home except for essential tasks. It would be a reasonable and sensible move for the health and safety of our state.

Cooper is scheduled to hold a call Tuesday with county commissioners from across the state, the Editorial Board has learned. An email announcing the call, which is scheduled at 1:45 p.m., says the governor will “update County Officials on state response efforts” and doesn’t indicate if a shelter-in-place order is imminent. Cooper might simply be seeking input on the possibility. But if the governor is prepared to issue that declaration, North Carolinians should be ready to do their part.

“Shelter in place” orders in several cities, counties and states have required people to stay home unless they are performing essential tasks like grocery shopping. In some locations, restaurants can still provide delivery and curbside service. People can still jog, walk or hike outdoors as long as they maintain safe distances from one another.

The public health calculation behind such orders is simple: COVID-19 spreads through people coughing and exhaling viral particles, or touching contaminated surfaces, and that spread can be slowed if people practice social distancing and avoid crowds. A shelter-in-place order could be critical to avoiding a catastrophic overload of hospitals and health-care facilities that has led to thousands of deaths in Italy and elsewhere.


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3 responses to “Coronavirus lockdown for NC?

  1. nancyv

    Nope. Too late. Just test everyone and quarantine the infected. But I have every confidence that this all will work out to the good for those who love God.

  2. Paul Maliborski

    Shelter in place is only delaying the inevitable. Were paying for our sins, for offending GOD it has nothing to do with being in touch with contaminated surfaces? or maybe it does. The world is contaminated with gay and lesbian ideologies which are being forced upon us as acceptable. Schools deleted GOD and prayer from the start of the day. Abortion is looked at as a selfish opportunity. Examine your conscience and compare it to the TEN COMMANDMENTS. They are not the ten suggestions. Go ahead, keep offending GOD. This is nothing compared to what we should be dealing with.
    Confess, repent and ask for forgiveness. Not too late as Russia has not yet been consecrated. Father you know my philosophy, your name is on a page in the book and when it’s your turn, it’s your turn. There’s no asking for a time out. There’s no, wait a minute , I’m not ready. BE READY, say a rosary or two. Pray for the souls in purgatory, three Hail Mary’s do a number for those in purgatory . Try not to leave any stone upturned. Confess your sins, If you need a priest I know where Father George Lives, we can beat down his door. Actually he’s never turned me away. Thank You Jesus, Thanks you Mary, Mother of Jesus.

  3. sanfelipe007

    “Shelter in place is only delaying the inevitable. ”
    You may be right. Remember The Canterbury Tales, Tales of the Decameron? Both set with the backdrop of the plague, centering on a group self-isolated from the polloi, in their own type of social distancing; passing the time telling each other tales.
    What tales are we telling ourselves today?

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