Coronavirus humor gone malicious

The above humor? Great!

But then there’s the guy who was purposely coughing on food, then saying he’s tested positive for the Coronavirus (regardless of whether it’s true or not). That guy is up on terrorist charges and is set to go before a judge.

Meanwhile, two, say, 19-21 year old guys were in the supermarket the other day. I was going into the store just behind them and surmised (sorry for the profiling of behavior) that they were up to no good. About 15 minutes later I’m in the dairy section of the store trying to buy groceries for some of our elderly and health compromised parishioners. I was busy looking at the food prices, having stupidly let my situational awareness go down, and these guys walk up quietly behind me and loudly sneeze. When I turn to face them, they are laughing away. Hahaha. Very clever. I just looked at them, bored with such antics. It’s not easy to get me worked up over such stupidities. But we will see what happens with me in the next few days.

These are the kind of idiots, it seems to me, who will be carriers, and then spread the virus to, say, their vulnerable grandparents, who might get sick and die. Entitled narcissistic brats. That’s my “No” vote for that kind of non-humor.

Oh, and by the way… Yes, my sister had a Schnauzer like the one pictured above when I was a little, little kid. This was sent in by a reader who didn’t know that. Nice coincidence. I like that. Our Schnauzer was named Patsy. Good to see good humor.

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One response to “Coronavirus humor gone malicious

  1. Aussie Mum

    I hope you don’t get sick Father, for your sake and that of your parishioners who need you and all of us that benefit from what you write. Hopefully, your successful keto-dieting has you in good enough shape to throw off the virus if you catch it.

    Your elderly and health compromised parishioners are blessed to have you shopping for them but that is rather dangerous for you at this time of pandemic. Regular food deliveries have stopped here because the shelves are being emptied almost as soon as they are filled but one of our national food chains (Woolworths) has decided to restart deliveries to one section of their former customers – the elderly, chronically ill and disabled – upon online application and providing proof of eligibility. Orders and payment are done online and deliveries are contactless (drivers are leaving groceries in the front yard). We (my carer and I) had our application approved earlier this week and have received our first delivery but not everything we ordered could be supplied: no meat, eggs, toilet paper, tissues etc. Thankfully, we did get fruit and vegetables and some dairy (it is being rationed). Hopefully the flow of essential goods will return to normal soon.

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