Coronavirus: Pope Francis asks for Lord’s Prayer at Noon 25 March 2020

Do it then, for sure. But do it right now just in case you forget and let it go.

But just make sure you pay attention to the words, especially – as our Lord Himself emphasized in His instruction – to the part about forgiving others so that we might be forgiven.


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6 responses to “Coronavirus: Pope Francis asks for Lord’s Prayer at Noon 25 March 2020

  1. pelerin

    I watch Pope Francis live at noon Italian time and was able to say it with him because he said it in Latin which brought a lump to my throat.

  2. pelerin

    The Rosary is still prayed each afternoon in the Grotto at Lourdes and broadcast both on the Lourdes Webcam and on the tv station KTO. Today was the end of the Novena and for the first time I noticed there was a single pink rose to the right of the Our Lady’s statue. It has blossomed for today’s Feast.
    The camera panned round as far as the Porte St Michel – so sad to see the Sanctuary empty and nobody in the street the other side of the gates either.
    They are still having continuous prayer in the Grotto.
    Notre Dame de Lourdes – priez pour nous.

  3. litteralis

    You got it, Father: just now, and again at noon. Thanks.

  4. pelerin

    Fascinating indeed. However the site is not quite up to date as the French version given for today is not entirely correct as one line was changed on the 3rd December 2017.. Instead of ‘et ne nous soumets pas a la tentation’ it is now ‘et ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation.’

  5. nancyv

    Well that list of languages is fascinating. I missed participating with that particular prayer/time, but I was at a place, almost transcendant in time – praying the Angelus at the noon hour in front of an abortion place…on the day marking the Annunciation. I wasn’t going to go, but when I saw today’s readings, my resolve to stay home dissolved and I had to go.

  6. Aussie Mum

    Last night, 25th March, was a special night in my home, bookended as it was with live broadcasts from Rome and Fatima. We tuned into Rome for the Our Father; mid-day in Rome but about 10pm here in Australia. Then tuned into the live feed from Fatima, waiting for the Rosary and consecration which began streaming before dawn here. No sleep last night but I caught up today.
    Being able to join in with the prayers (rosary and litany), consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at Fatima was wonderful. Our Lady’s statue was at the foot of a huge Crucifix and Fatima’s bishop, Cardinal Marto, brought before her his country, neighbouring Spain and 22 other countries (Albania, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Slovakia, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Mexico, Moldova, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Romania, Tanzania, East Timor and Zimbabwe) whose bishops had asked that their nations also be brought before their Mother, petitioning her help. Sadly there were no English speaking countries among them; nor any countries from Western Europe. That was more than disappointing.

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