Coronavirus: How many will die?

In these USA, say, about 61,000 die of influenza annually. Stats change by the minute, but as of this writing, deaths divided by numbers of cases just for the Coronavirus gives us a 1.75% mortality rate, a bit of a jump regardless of more testing. That’s 17.5 times the mortality rate of the average influenza, which stands at 0.1%. [[ Oops! Looks like I got that decimal point wrong. ]] It’s different in every country. The rate jumped down after testing to about 1.1 to 1.4. That will jump up a little as more cases tested can also mean more deaths, hyperbolically so.

The contagion rate as gleaned from different sources, also continuously fluctuating, stands at about just 2 more infections for each person who already has it. With social distancing etc the numbers can go down. Most could otherwise get it, that is – another variable – until herd immunity is reached or most get an innoculation. Timing on that is a game changer.

So, how many will die? God only knows. And, speaking of God, going to your inner room to pray, figuratively and literally, where Our Heavenly Father sees in secret, will bring you rewards on all levels and in every way.


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3 responses to “Coronavirus: How many will die?

  1. Aussie Mum

    Quarantine, social distancing and putting all the sacraments but one (Extreme Unction) on temporary hold makes sense during a pandemic in order to save lives. However, the bishop of Springfield has now suspended Extreme Unction/Annointing of the Sick to the dying in his diocese.
    That’s going too far!
    Those who are not dying can be patient and wait until the pandemic is over to receive the sacraments again but the dying can’t wait. Yes, our priests must be protected but that’s possible when attending a dying person because he can wear protective clothing including gloves and mask, and won’t be present in the sick room long.
    I hope and pray that other bishops don’t follow the bishop of Springfield into error and that the bishop of Springfield is quickly corrected and reverses his ruling before any Catholic dies without the sacraments.

  2. Aussie Mum

    What I just read at the following link was so uplifting I wanted to share it.
    As Cardinal Woelki says,“Our congregations are not only worship congregations, but also always Caritas congregations, and every baptized Christian is not only called to worship and to profess faith, but also to charity”.

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