Coronavirus for cynics

Excuse the language. It doesn’t bother me. Also, this is a week old. But it’s good on the process of the sickness. 10M views in a week… He appropriately throws a much needed guilt trip on narcissistic Spring Breakers. I would add Cruise Line clients.


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4 responses to “Coronavirus for cynics

  1. sanfelipe007

    The first time he mentions “mother” his demeanor changes, and so does mine. His personal anguish begins to surface and it is most moving to me. His passion (that’s the word for it) for people manifests.
    I’m sharing it.

    • nancyv

      very insightful sanfelipe007. The excellent content and caring made me not faint at the occasional #*!@ word. ha (Sorry Father, don’t mean to hog the comment section)

  2. nancyv

    Well. Now I understand this virus situation, thanks to you and this doc. He is a good instructor and probably brilliant – being a left-handed surgeon!

  3. Joisy Goil

    Doctor did a good job of explaining the disease. He made it a lot easier to understand.

    Let us pray…..
    O Mary, my Lady, my Queen and my Mother, in the name of Jesus, we implore you you to take this cause into your hands and grant it good success.
    Save us from this epidemic dear Blessed Mother.

    PS Say the rosary often.

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