Corornavirus: day-in-the-life-&-death


It’s 12:37 PM and I just woke up from a nap, wakened by a phone call for last rites, this time a 200 mile round trip. Then possibly delivery of this person to a hospital in Charlotte as the hospital in Asheville threw this person out, although at death’s door on so very many levels, not that this person has Coronavirus, but was triage out, not because of not being in extreme need, but because triage now refers to keeping the young and otherwise healthy. These are also the victims of COVID-19. Crazy. A prayer for this person, very dear to me. I’m just about to rush off as this person will soon be home once again…

The reason I just woke up from a nap is because I spent a good part of last night doing up the Police Chaplain thing. The Chief told one of the officers to give me a call – 1:00 AM – so as to do up my first Death Notification to family members of the victim. I can’t say the details. Let’s just say it was bad. Real bad. Such violence. Such death. Please say a prayer for them and the repose of the soul of the victim. One family member was someone I also consider to be a good friend. Doesn’t make it easy. The reason I also put this incident under Coronavirus will have to be dealt with in another post, but I think the stress of COVID is somehow giving a self-perceived permission to sociopaths to put their sociopathy into action. I have very many examples. Be situationally aware, people.

It’s now 12:50 PM. I must run to do the priest thing. I love being a priest, COVID times or not. Thank you, Jesus.


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13 responses to “Corornavirus: day-in-the-life-&-death

  1. Jeannie Diemer

    You are in my prayers daily,. God bless and keep you safe as you do His Will.

  2. pelerin

    A 200 mile round trip to administer the Last Rites. And a friend who works in a Care Home here has difficulty in getting a Priest to come from less than 10 minutes away. Wow what a difference – your parishioners sure are lucky to have you as their Parish Priest.

  3. Jim Anderson

    Prayed as requested.

  4. Anne Maliborski

    Prayers for all those affected by Corona virus, especially those people close to you, Father.

  5. Liz

    Prayers for you and all mentioned, Father. We are saying a novena to the Holy Face (online with many friends and with some of our family) and we will include these intentions tonight and for the rest of the novena. God bless you and God bless the police and all that you mentioned.

  6. Joisy Goil


  7. Catherine McIsaac Shaw

    Hope you’re back safe and sound. You’re a good priest, Fr George.

  8. Aussie Mum

    Prayers continuing. Hope all went well for the person refused hospital care in Asheville and you have returned home safely Father.

  9. Valerie Feil

    Prayers to all and prayers of gratitude to God…for all of our many Blessings and also for you being a part of our lives, Father Byers. Many thanks for all all of the “priest things” that you do for us. God Bless you. Also thank you for the Holy Palms you left out for us. Just got home from getting our’s.

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