Coronavirus cough at supermarket

Independent modeling studies came up with the same thing.

I’ve been subjected to a couple of twenty something guys sneezing in my direction at the supermarket and then laughing, and then two twenty something girls on different occasions also at the supermarket coughing in my direction so that I would exit that aisle forthwith, which I did. They wanted to be alone in the aisle. I mean, it was a thing: glancing up to see a person entering the aisle on the far side of the store, squaring off while staring me down, and the deliberately repeatedly coughing. Sigh. Whateeeever. Such entitlement antics would be humorous if they weren’t so sad. And if the video above is accurate about aerosolised molecules, such antics are also useless. But that might let people know where they are at in regard to respect for their neighbor. I don’t expect respect, but disrespect that is also dangerous is slightly annoying.


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3 responses to “Coronavirus cough at supermarket

  1. nancyv

    oh that is more than annoying. You are being charitable. (I would holler “Corona clean-up, aisle 9!!!!!)

  2. I have not experienced sneezing by anyone at anyone in my local supermarket. I do experience people that suddenly come up behind me or next to me with 6mm distance rather than 6 feet. I step back and wait whilst they spend ages hogging the spot where I was just pausing to pick up one item…

    People should be respectful of others. At this (Covid-19) time it is clearly laid out both inside and outside of our UK stores to keep a respectful distance from others and not to abuse the store staff (who are relentlessly working to keep shelves stocked after panic buying).

  3. Joisy Goil

    I am very happy to report that in my neighborhood, the people I have encountered have been amazingly courteous and kind. I admit I have been self quarantined for about three weeks now – no other reason that hoping to avoid problems.

    I have spring allergies and pollen makes me sneeze multiple times – so I guess I am a scary person to be around. But in my previous ventures out, the folks have been polite, helpful and kind. Thank You Jesus.

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