Coronavirus Good Friday

Today news came that a certain test of someone came back negative for Coronavirus. Great. That’s a burden lifted for me and many others.

Today I was called by the nursing home to give Last Rites to someone, which I did. In the midst of all the special rules for nursing homes in the time of Coronavirus, this was wonderful. A consolation to all.

Today, because of Coronavirus, I celebrated the “Mass if the Presanctified”, to wit, the Good Friday Service, alone with Jesus. As a priest, alone with Jesus for Good Friday… Tremendous are the Sacred Mysteries of our salvation.

Today I had the privilege to go shopping for the elderly and health compromised. Such a joy. Imagine that. Joy on Good Friday.

Today a very close friend got me up to date on some projects providing prophylaxis over against Coronavirus. This involves the Pentagon and a group which can only be described as DARPA on ultra-super steroids, for all of which he is a consultor. This will be a game changer. A sea change in practice now and moving forward.

Today was running a zillion miles an hour. Now I collapse in bed as I publish this, happy for this day and yet feeling I should have done much more, prayed much more…

But this I know… I am certain of it… Our dear Lord in laying down His life for us is very good and kind and loves us very much.

Coronavirus, even if it touches every aspect of our lives, is still just a sideshow. What really counts is Jesus, whose love is stronger than death. Jesus is the One. He’s the only One.


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11 responses to “Coronavirus Good Friday

  1. Aussie Mum

    So very glad the test came back negative for Coronavirus.

  2. nancyv

    good news within the Good News!
    Deo gratias

  3. Aussie Mum

    Viewing the Shroud of Turin by live feed will be available in just over an hour and a half from now which will be 12:30am Sunday in Eastern Australia. I think that will be 10:30 am Saturday in North Carolina. Link below for anyone interested.
    I can’t speak Italian but according to Google translate this is what the website says.
    “In the world overwhelmed by contagion, the Shroud calls us to hope, because the Lord is risen and we are called to rise with him. This is the meaning of the extraordinary prayer that the Papal Custos of the Shroud will guide from the Cathedral of Turin. In front of the display case that houses the cloth there will be only Msgr. Nosiglia, but with him the whole world will be able to stop to pray contemplating the image of the “Man of Sorrows”.

    • pelerin

      So pleased about the test Father. It must have been a dreadful worry for you.
      Aussi Mum – I watched that event from Turin on the French Catholic channel KTO which took it live. Because of the lockdown they have also shown other events this week including Masses from Lourdes, Paris and Rome. They have also shown the Veneration of the Crown of Thorns by the Archbishop of Paris inside Notre Dame itself and the blessing of Paris with the Blessed Sacrament from outside the Sacre Coeur. Most of these events are available to watch on video on the KTO website.

      • Aussie Mum

        The KTO site looks good, thank you for pointing me to it Pelerin. The French I learned at school in the early 60s is now quite poor so I wasn’t sure I would be able to navigate the site but am managing and have now bookmarked their programming schedule. Thank you again.

    • sanfelipe007

      Thank you for the link! I wonder how much of the awe will not be captured in the video. The tilma which has the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe would lose the property of iridescence, as well as the phenomenon of the iris in such a video. Still, I would not miss this chance.

    • sanfelipe007

      Here is a link to the a shorter video with an English translator.

      • Aussie Mum

        Thank you Sanfelipe for the English translation of 10 minutes of yesterday’s live feed from Turin. It has given me some idea of what the commentator was talking about throughout the live feed that went for at least 2 hours. I was disappointed that at least half of that time was spent watching him and others talk because I had tuned in to see the Shroud of Turin venerated and had expected that to have been the entire focus but it wasn’t. The camera switched back and forth from priest commentator, guest speakers and medical staff to veneration of the Holy Shroud in the Turin Cathedral.

    • pelerin

      Pleased you have discovered KTO Aussi Mum. They carry all the big Papal events with the minimum of what I term ‘voice over waffle’. Some years back it used to be annoying when the commentator chatted over silence or beautiful music but I think people complained and it is much better now and the voice over is only present when really necessaary.

      Today KTO showed Mass from the Lourdes Grotto followed by Mass from St Peter’s Rome. This evening they showed Mass with the Archbishop of Paris in his replacement church, I watched some of each and they were impressive in their simplicity.. However being a spectator can never replace actually being there and I would have swapped all three to have been present in my local church here.

      The Rosary is still prayed each afternoon in the Grotto and broadcast live on KTO. It is repeated late at night so one or other of the times might be suitable for you in Australia.

  4. Aussie Mum

    Wishing Father and all readers here a happy and holy Easter.

  5. sanfelipe007

    Alleluia, He is risen!

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