Coronavirus, Keto, no more BP meds: hydroxychloroquine availability

Before and After photos of yours truly as the Keto diet continues for just a little longer. Some 63 pounds lost. Body-Mass-Index is now 25 point whatever. But there can be weird consequences with this, such as with blood pressure.

It was when I was way too overweight that I went on BP meds since both the systolic and diastolic were astronomically high. Those meds brought the BP down to 140s and 150s (I think 163 was about the highest) over even high 90s, which was still a bit much. After going on Keto, as the weight dropped, so did the BP. A lot.

On Holy Saturday and Easter I checked the BP and it was down to the 120s over 80s. That’s a huge improvement, but that’s still with me being on BP meds.

On Easter the dosage was cut in half, and by early Monday morning the BP dropped down quite a bit for both Systolic and Diastolic.


Interesting. Unexpected. On Monday the BP meds were cut out altogether. This morning, Tuesday, a rather surprising result:


It almost seems that the BP meds – although doing their job overall at the beginning – were also aggravating something just a bit, so that the lowering of the BP wasn’t as much as it could have been. A mystery. But ditching the meds and getting this result is fine by me. Also, not taking the BP meds lays aside the bad side effects. Finally!

Also, in these Coronavirus times, it is to be noted that one of the BP meds has as its very first counterindication the taking of hydroxychloroquine. Hah! Well then. Now I’m available to take hydroxychloroquine with a Z-Pac and maybe some Zinc should Covid-19 come my way. I’d rather not get Coronavirus at all.

Mind you, I was hardly able to exercise previously, and now I can. That’s also a game changer for health and for Blood Pressure.

Mind you, it’s only been a day. We’ll see what happens. I might have to eat all my words. I did mention this to my doctor. But I’m enthused. All the better for this donkey-priest so as to protect the flock:



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5 responses to “Coronavirus, Keto, no more BP meds: hydroxychloroquine availability

  1. Anne Maliborski

    Congratulations on the mighty fine blood pressure, Father! We need you.

  2. nancyv

    Your before & after pictures made me LAUGH!
    You can probably see your feet now. How beautiful the feet…
    (Romans 10:15)

  3. Aussie Mum

    I’m glad you were able to come off your blood pressure meds Father and hope your blood pressure is permanently stabilised. Meds save lives but they can have nasty side effects in the long term.

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