Coronavirus entrenching: “I’m right!”

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We’ve all heard it, I think mostly from people who haven’t had symptoms or who don’t know anyone – much less a loved one – who has suffered and/or died from Coronavirus, saying that Covid-19 doesn’t really count as something special, that it doesn’t affect the brain or blood or kidneys or lungs in any way different from the “normal” type A or type B influenza, that we’ve never had anything to be careful about regarding our elderly health-compromised or anyone else, that all have been total fools for being prudent on behalf of our neighbors, that we must now worship the one person in the world who was loudly “right” about all this since the beginning, but only if we also admit that we were all fools, all except for that one person who is thrilled to smash others down: “Woohoo!” and all that… I see it all the time, as people also try to direct how I should be handling a public institution like a church with so very many immuno- or otherwise health-compromised elderly parishioners:

  • Heck with you, Father Byers, for having your parish closed!
  • Heck with you, Father Byers, for having your parish open!
  • Heck with you, Father Byers, for providing the sacraments throughout the State of North Carolina!
  • Heck with you, Father Byers, for not providing the sacraments throughout the State of North Carolina!

The thing is, they don’t know what is going on with me and my parish because they don’t ask or just assume they know. That’s the same arrogance and hyper-narcissism we’ve all heard from those who are always “right” about this and everything else.

Isn’t that tiresome? Do we have to claim divine knowledge – the gnostic heresy – in order to be “acceptable” to others, getting all emotional, because the most extreme of emotions wins the “argument”?

We don’t have to claim we know everything. That’s for the entitlement generation, who are entitled to be right no matter what.

Why not just be charitable with others and do what we can in the circumstances we find ourselves in? Much better that, compared to any entitlement dances of being “right.”

And anyway, this isn’t over, is it? No. Things change every day.


I’m guessing I have not much of any more of a reaction to such reactions. There’s no way I’m going to engage any such person. It doesn’t work. So, I say: “What-eh-vur…”


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7 responses to “Coronavirus entrenching: “I’m right!”

  1. Joisy Goil

    Jesus, I trust in You. You’re in good company Father. But still, it’s gotta be infuriating.

  2. nancyv

    “Shut up, I’m right because I’m me” was me until I finally had my fill of humble pie. Now I wear a mask out of penance and reparation (and hopefully to remind me to keep my durn mouth shut). Praying for all priests, as you took a vow to be obedient. You are between a rock and a hard place. Glad you got the shot and treatment for that worst case of poison ivy ever!

  3. Rory O'Callaghan

    You’re doing a terrific, underappreciated, job, George. Just keep at it, and try to ignore the wordstorm.

  4. Aussie Mum

    You have behaved in a prudent and caring manner throughout this crisis, Father, and continue to do so; therefore you cannot be doing the wrong thing. Whether the reported Covid-19 numbers are right or wrong the virus is real and kills, especially the aged and those with compromised immune systems. It’s a horrible disease that we need to take precautions against.
    That this corona virus may be a bioweapon or that corrupt and powerful people might use the crisis to further their interests doesn’t change the reality of the disease or our obligation to avoid catching and carrying it to others.

  5. Cathy Shaw

    Regardless of your current compromise “poison oak” ravaged body, you’re doing the right thing, Fr George. If your readers look at the comments of your blog, I want them to know how devastatingly contagious Covid 19 is. Over 8 weeks ago, my fathers Assisted Living facility closed their doors to visitors. Residents were and still are confined to their apartments where they are getting their meals served to them, are isolated from human interaction, have no exercise, but receive services as required. Only employees and “essential” therapists have been allowed in the facility. Five weeks ago, an employee tested positive, no symptoms, but their family member had previously tested positive. We were notified that this employee had not had any direct contact with the residents. At that moment, I decided to take my 93 year old father to our home “to be safe”.
    Fast forward to today, after the National Guard came in to test all residents and employees almost 2 weeks ago, there are over 16 residents that tested positive, more than 6 employees, 5 presumed positive residents showing symptoms and at least 6 of my Dad’s friends have died. Granted, the majority of the deaths have occurred in the Memory Care unit, an elevator ride up one floor from my Dad’s apartment, but non-the-less, a very sad outcome stemming from 1 employee have no “direct contact” with the residents. And it’s not over yet. Remember, the residents are not the ones sharing the gurus with each other, they are being quarantined and isolated.
    It’s been a challenging journey, to say the least, to care for my father here at my home, but it’s been the right thing to do. My husband and I laugh and talk with my Dad, exercise with him, help him shower, challenge him to easy crossword puzzles, cook more meals than I’ve done in years, protect him from the virus and love him. His facility is a beautiful, well run, clean place here in Massachusetts, but for the time being, we will protect him as much as we can here at home.
    I was welcomed with opened arms by you and your parishioners in 2019 as my sister was sick. Please stay safe and socially distant until the trusted “experts” give the all clear. You’re doing the right thing, Fr George!!!

  6. elizdelphi

    I have no idea what directive you have from your bishop. Here priests have been told they can sign people up for Mass but it needs to be 9 or fewer total. I am greatly in favor of opening up Mass as much as possible–the Eucharist is ESSENTIAL–and being careful. But I think the poison oak situation does seem to suggest otherwise.
    Cathy Shaw, I’m so glad your dad is safe. Heatbreaking what happened to his friends.
    Covid-19 is at a low level in my city, Madison WI. It’s just not a hot spot, it’s declined, the curve is flattened. Many of the little outbreaks in other parts of my state seem connected with food processing plants, or facilities with elderly. And the black community in Milwaukee where some of their elders have been laid low.

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