NC Gov Cooper caves: churches open. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Late last night, Saturday, May 16 2020, after we already had the Vigil Mass, parishioners started texting me that a Federal judge has just blocked NC governor Cooper’s restrictions on religious services and that Cooper won’t appeal. In other words, churches are open with no restrictions, as per the Constitution of these United States.

Governor Cooper was singling out religious services for his draconian policies.

Governor Cooper was acting in a discriminatory manner against religious organizations, restricting even mega-churches to ten people even while state-profiting ABC liquor stores operate as normal with impunity, with other stores like Lowes and Walmart having jammed parking lots like I’ve never seen before.

Bullying from the top of the political spectrum is the most cynical misuse of the law possible. I would categorize it at a hate crime, you know, a “white collar” hate crime. I think Cooper can still be sued in Federal Court. The Department of Justice has requested that just this kind of litigation take place. Director Bill Barr will make sure it goes well for the Constitution.

The Judge’s order may become permanent upon a hearing scheduled for May 29. We’ll all be watching closely. Until then, law enforcement cannot raid groups who are, say, reciting the Lord’s prayer, dragging the worshipers out on the streets. And they can’t do that anyway, not under the Constitution of these United States. We’ll all be watching that closely as well.

Mind you, Governor Cooper had directed that it is up to law enforcement to decide what is or is not possible for various religious rites of various religious organizations, which is not only against the free exercise of religion, but also makes for the establishment of what religion is to be in the law as regulated by the state. That’s also against the Constitution. And this mix of the judiciary system with the executive, so that law enforcement become on-the-street judge, jury and executioner, is… what?… Martial Law? Just. Wow.

And there are many other points regarding the policies of Governor Cooper. But, as a bully, he’s a coward, and has run away. Great! We’re good to go. We always were.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

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13 responses to “NC Gov Cooper caves: churches open. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

  1. pelerin

    How I wish our churches were open here. They are not even open for prayer. And I last attended Mass on St Patrick’s day. Garden Centres are allowed to open ….. Perhaps someone could suggest celebrating Mass in a Garden Centre.

    • Aussie Mum

      Perhaps they will open there very soon. I hope so Pelerin. Lock-down in NSW is easing.

      Three days ago we were told up to 10 people can now legally congregate outside and therefore “(u)p to 10 people can congregate for religious worship, including inside churches, mosques and synagogues”.
      However, to cover the whole Sunday congregation would mean more Masses than our priests are able to provide. Nonetheless they will do their best. Our parish priest has posted the following online:
      “As of Friday 15th May, the NSW Government permits Churches to be open for religious services. This is the first stage in the gradual return to a safe and secure environment for one and all. At this stage only ten people are allowed to attend the Church service, however, this does not include those assisting or ‘working’ in the sanctuary, i.e. ministers, cantors, lectors, servers. In order to provide greater pastoral care, we shall increase the number of Masses.”

  2. Anne Maliborski

    Praise God!

  3. nancyv

    I was so delighted to see the way you worded the headline here!
    Several of the Sheriff’s around here said they wouldn’t enforce this one anyway, so the Gov knew his goose was cooked. Deo gratias!
    Now waiting to see how our Bishop responds.

  4. leticia Jaime


  5. Claire Dion

    Thank you God and thank you Father Byers for being such a faithful shepherd.

  6. Steve Cherry

    Our churches in the Arlington, VA diocese opened for Mass on a limited basis this past Sunday. Sanctuary holds max 500, and they had about 100 people because of “social distancing” requirements. The dispensation is still in force. My wife is celiac and they were making no provision for her or other celiacs in our parish, so we didn’t bother to go. If our Bishops had a spine we could have challenged the governor’s restrictions, but they just fell over like dead rabbits and played along. Fear Mongering media creating panic driving people apart. We’ve gone from love your neighbor to fear your neighbor. I’m fearful that the damage will never be reversed. People are fearful, “what’s next?” Government surveillance “for your own good, to keep everyone safe”. That’s the new greeting now, “good morning, be safe”. God help us.

  7. Carolyne Howard

    Dear Catholic Friends, The Lord bless and keep you. Look to Good News from South Louisiana, as it is a stronghold for faith. New Orleans and many surrounding towns are being opened. During this whole time, some brave priests gave Eucharist anyway, and there were at least drive by confessions in places. God hears our prayers! God bless you who love our Church and its Sacraments! And the gates of hell shall not………amen.

  8. gk

    Fr. Byers, Are parishioners in NC required to wear a face mask? 😦

  9. We Catholics need to start fighting back. So far, it seems that only Protestants have the guts to take on the governors. In New York, we didn’t take on Mario Cuomo when we had the chance, so now we’re stuck with Andrew Cuomo, who makes his dad look like a candidate for canonization by comparison. The bishops can’t just keep smiling while we’re being beaten into the ground.

    • sanfelipe007

      I agree, Andrew. Our greatest weapon in this, and in any fight, is the Holy Rosary. Let’s use it daily! Jesus, not any unfaithful Bishop, is the one, the only one.

      • Joisy Goil

        Yes! The rosary is the spiritual weapon against evil.
        Let us all pray together for Pope Francis to consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. If he would do that, the reign of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart would begin and we would have world peace, God’s blessing and the end of Satan’s grasp on our world..

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