Coronavirus *religion is deemed essential or not* BS vocabulary. Either way… No. And hell no.

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The word “essential” being used as a category in which the free exercise of religion is thrown is the end of the Constitution of these United States of America.

If the free exercise of religion is a right which can be granted by government, it can just as easily be rescinded at will by a government.

  • On the one hand, my own Governor Cooper in North Carolina discriminates against religion, treating religion like trash, mocking religion as non-essential. I will “disobey”, sometimes the highest form of respect.
  • On the other hand, President Trump says that he deems the free exercise of religion as essential. Whoop-di-do. Inasmuch as he makes this clear that this is not about him granting any kind of benevolence but is rather about him backing the Constitution of these United States, I’m all for it. But there is a liberal anti-Constitution trap that is set about persons granting rights or not.

Either way, it’s not up to them. What government can grant on a whim can be taken away on a whim. The free exercise of religion, as the Constitution of, for, and by the people btw, is essential NOT because of any government or politician but because the free exercise of religion is an unalienable right granted by almighty God and is also enshrined as such in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers, who personally experienced the extreme violence consequent to government granting or rescinding such rights.

I don’t care what governors or presidents do about this one way or the other. I’m going to carry on with the free exercise of religion against all threats of imprisonment on the one hand, or the encouragement of the POTUS on the other. Regardless. Just watch.

In the pictures in the slideshow at the top of the post, Father Miguel Pro prays before being executed by firing squad in the midst of oppression of religion freedom by President Calles exactly a century ago in Mexico. He starts to fall a second after being shot, saying a second before with his arms in the form of a cross: “Viva Cristo Rey!”

You’re in for a real treat if you go read the updates on the post written yesterday, as there is a famous priest who chimes in on that rather strident challenge to Governor Cooper, and does so in a concise, incisive manner. Yikes! —

Coronavirus “Creativity” for Mass: “Just do it in the Parking Lot.” No. And… Hell no.


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10 responses to “Coronavirus *religion is deemed essential or not* BS vocabulary. Either way… No. And hell no.

  1. sanfelipe007

    I continue to support Father Gordon, you and the preisthood by prayer.

  2. Michael Brandon

    Dear Father George

    The first amendment of the US Constitution is clear, and should be inviolable. However, forces at work have been chipping away at this most fundamental freedom. Though I hope your fate won’t mirror Father Miguel, the near future is very unclear.

    Those who believe in the real Presence in the Eucharist are starving for our heavenly bread.

    Here in Canada, our Charter of Right and Freedoms (even the title is wishy washy) views religious freedom, as subordinate to the freedom of homosexuals to do as they will. Various groups are protected. Religious freedom in Canada is okay, as long as it is kept indoors, and doesn’t offend anyone.

    God Bless You, Father

    Michael Brandon

  3. pelerin

    We do not have a written Constitution in Britain. I do wonder why our Bishops have not stepped in and insisted that at least the churches should be allowed to remain open for private prayer. I presume the churches are Church territory and not subjected to the law of the land or does anyone know differently? Our Bishops have remained silent. Are their hands really tied?

    • Frances South

      Hello Pelerin. As far as I know, church property here in England is the same as any other private property and is subject to the law of the land. Our bishops have been very active in liaising with the government to try and get the churches open soon for private prayer and Cardinal Nichols has asked us all to contact our Members of Parliament regarding this. I had a very positive response from my MP.

      • Aussie Mum

        Hello Frances. Yes, that seems a good idea. Members of parliament can’t afford to alienate their Catholic voters. Will everyone write a letter though? Perhaps a petition organised by Cardinal Nichols would receive more signatures.

  4. pelerin

    A friend has sent me a link to a sermon given today in his parish pointing out that here in England so called ‘essential’ services such as abortion clinics and off licenses (where alcohol is sold here) are open and yet churches are closed. Garden Centres will soon be open too, However dentists are closed and some people have had to resort to drastic measures pulling their own teeth out. What is essential for one person is not for another.

    • Aussie Mum

      Same here re churches.
      The Archbishop of New South Wales has publicly noted the “double-standards” now that the premier has ignored letters from himself and fellow bishops. Archbishop Fisher is now urging Catholics statewide to join in a petition that states in part: “Contrary to what has been said throughout this pandemic, we do not consider church attendance to be non-essential; indeed, nothing is more essential than the practice of our faith”. He has pointed out: “We aren’t asking for special treatment, we are asking for equal treatment, which is why we are requesting the premier to have a change of heart and include churches in the June 1 changes to the public health order allowing 50 people to come together for prayer or attend Mass”.
      As it stands, pubs and restaurants are being allowed to have 50 patrons at one time as from June 1st but the number allowed to attend Mass is being kept at 10.
      Hopefully Premier Berejiklian will not ignore the petition as she has the letters. She obviously doesn’t care about the unfairness of the double-standards she has handed down but she may well care about losing the Catholic vote if enough Catholics get behind this petition. Perhaps a petition would also work in England and wherever enough Catholics would sign.

      • Aussie Mum

        I just found out:
        Sunday 29th May our Premier reacted to Archbishop Fisher going public on double-standards and raising a petition.
        The Archdiocese of Sydney:
        “It is with great joy that we learnt today that the New South Wales Government has agreed to relax the restrictions on churches and worship, to bring them into line with like venues and activities. This is a just and common-sense outcome but it took some negotiating, and I thank all those who joined our campaign for it. Other parts of Australia have not yet achieved parity between churches and other venues …”

  5. I wrote an essay for my own web site in a similar vein entitled “The Inherent Right to Earn a Living,” in which I quoted Rerum Novarum. My argument (and backed by the quote from I included from Pope Leo XIII) is that since the right to work is not granted by the state in the first place, then the state cannot take away what it does not have the right to grant. The same applies, of course, to freedom of religion and worship– even in danger of pandemic. Hopefully the voters will rescind the privilege of these tyrants to serve as elected officials the first opportunity they get and replace them with more enlightened elected officials who understand the limits of their power.

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