Deescalating tender snowflake bullies. Humor in the midst of chaos. I laughed.

tender snowflake finger on trigger ar 15

If you know anything about ArmaLite Rifles, say, number 15, as in AR-15, you know this this tender snowflake thug has his fingertip touching the trigger. He stole that from a police vehicle that the thugs were ransacking, and had fired it into the air. It was chambered with a full magazine.

But since all bullies like this – who dishonor the gentle giant, ever so polite and soft spoken George Floyd, by the way, what with George Floyd having worked with youth to help them NOT to become thugs – … since bullies like this are always tender snowflakes entitled to be bullies and expecting everyone to let them smash everyone down, they are never prepared for real confrontation unto deescalation.

By the way and just to say. The finger on the trigger thing is a sign that this guy, like most all thugs, is NOT practiced with weaponry. You just NEVER have your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to kill. And he was waving the rifle around thoughtlessly, with crowds of people in every direction. Having a finger on the trigger under these conditions signifies a court-accepted fact of an imminent and deadly threat being presented. Always, every time. I myself saw this finger on the trigger thing by yet another thug and buffoon just a few weeks ago. It’s not good…

So, what to do? 13FOX knew what to do. They had a security guard with them, not just a guy who qualified for this with a written exam, but rather, I’m guessing, a retired SpecOps guy, probably doing jobs like this to get money to care better for his family in times of Covid-19.

He sees the finger on the trigger thing and instantly charges the scrawny bully:

press security removes ar 15 from tender snowflake

You can see that our security guard, entering the picture to the left, has his trigger finger high above the trigger guard, on the barrel of the pistol, as it should be. In a nanosecond he’s acquired the AR-15 with absolutely no one hurt. In the next nanosecond our hero has dumped the magazine out of that AR-15 and un-chambered the next round, always aware of his surroundings at any given nano-second. Absolute Perfection. I love it. It’s what one expects from practiced training. When I saw the twitter videos of this I must say that I laughed out loud. This is the 2nd amendment at its absolute best. Kudos to this guy. I’m impressed. I don’t know if you can see this on WordPress but if you can’t, you can look it up. It’s hilarious.

I’m told by a reader who sent in this story that 911 was called and the AR-15 was given to authorities. The kind reader says: “I’m no expert at all, but it looks *really* professional to me.” Yes, indeed. Our reader continues:

“Same incident from a different angle. Can hear him yelling ‘PUT THE WEAPON DOWN!'”

“I think everyone on that city block knew instantly they were in the presence of someone who had total control over his movements, over his weapon, and over the situation.”

Yes. Indeed.

I mentioned to one of our elderly parishioners the other day that I was out of practice, ever since Ammo shot up in price, so to speak, because of Covid-19, and now this. I mentioned that my totally anomalous fluke all-time best for target practice with the drill being (from a serpa locked holster) two to the body (for me a 4 inch by 4 box), and one to the head (for me that being a 3 inch by 3 inch box) on a piece of paper 25 feet away, was 1.01 seconds on a shot timer. I instantly followed that with the admission that I will never get that under one second, what with little ammo round about. But she encouraged me that it’ll all come right back, and I just might break the one second thing. I’m happy for the second amendment these days.

Again, kudos to the guy in the video above. I’m sure he’s got stories to tell.

Forgive me, but I just had to inject a little humor during these weird times.

It’s time to run up to church to offer Holy Mass. I think it might be…

♬  Latin ♬ Mass ♬ Monday ♬

I need lyrics for that last phrase. Anyone?


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14 responses to “Deescalating tender snowflake bullies. Humor in the midst of chaos. I laughed.

  1. sanfelipe007

    Do you mean lyrics, or melody? If melody then:
    [key of C]
    La – tin Ma-ss Mon – day
    c c b – c a – g
    Thia should be a most familiar cadence.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Note spacing came out all wrong.
    c-c b-c a-g [to match the syllables]

  3. Aussie Mum

    Looking at the behaviour and carnage above is disheartening … violence and destruction for what? It doesn’t gain justice for George Floyd but uses his death to let loose the kind of anger that takes pleasure in striking out at others and tearing down what hard work has built. It’s anti-life and anti-property … Marx, Lenin and Stalin would surely approve if they were still alive.
    If the rioters knew and wanted what Our Lord wants for them – to love God and neighbour – this wouldn’t be happening. It is striking that the Gospel spread throughout the world when travel was more difficult and communications slower and yet, when modern technology has made travel and communication easier than ever before, teaching the Faith has largely collapsed. All the nations of continental Europe plus all the English speaking world were once Christian, but not now.
    The “Enlightenment” spread a new “Gospel” from the 17th century that is now embraced almost everywhere: the brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God. That kind of “brotherhood” only breeds violence.
    In his encyclical “Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum – Appealing for Peace” (Nov 1914) Pope Benedict XV noted in those early days of World War I that although there was much talk about the brotherhood of man, perhaps more than ever before, “in reality never was there less brotherly activity amongst men than at the present moment”. He continued, “Race hatred has reached its climax; peoples are more divided by jealousies than by frontiers; within one and the same nation, within the same city there rages the burning envy of class against class*; and amongst individuals it is self-love which is the supreme law over-ruling everything”. (Para 6- 7)
    Not much has changed and I can’t see that it will until the Church gets over its confidence in worldly “experts” and returns to boldly teaching the Faith.

  4. Aussie Mum

    I was not going to make another comment on this subject and am sorry for being so long-winded in the comments I have already made because I realise that could be annoying. However I have just watched a youtube video that I would like to share if Father approves. I am no fan of Michael Matt and Remnant TV but I think he has it right this time.

    What I have been trying to express is that Catholics divided into categories (“Traditionalist”, “Novus Ordo” etc., or the “Clans” as Michael Matt puts it) is destructive and contributing to the loss of Catholic identity and therefore to the effectiveness of the Church at large. If we believe all that the Church has taught for 2,000 years and do our best to live accordingly, then we are simply Catholic or Roman Catholic and the Church will grow and the world return to sanity; but if the Church continues its drift to worldliness and fragmentation, thereby becoming useless, the abuse of power and the violence we are now seeing will not only set neighbourhoods alight but will eventually lead to war and greater loss of life in this world and for all eternity. It is this that causes me to write but I wish I could say it in fewer words for I don’t wish to hog the comment section.

  5. But with the First Amendment– clearer than the Second, and without any preamble– thrown out the window, might the Second be next in line?

  6. sanfelipe007

    Maybe this version was your favorite, Mum.

  7. sanfelipe007

    Last one, promise!

    Aussie mum, do you ever wonder to what songs your parent might have listened in the year you were born? Here you go.

    • Aussie Mum

      I was feeling quite unwell and rather down and then I listened to the song from long ago that you sent, both versions. It brightened my day, thank you Sanfelipe.

    • Aussie Mum

      Sanfelipe, I have just listened to the “Top Songs of the 1950s” you sent. My parents had records by Bing Crosby that were played on the radiogram when I was young, and I remember hearing “The Tennessee Waltz” by Patti Page as well. Dad also liked Mario Lanza and used to sing “Because” to my mother. I discovered more songs when I married (it would have been our 50th wedding anniversary last year). My husband’s family had a huge collection of records old and new (well, new in 1969). Time flies by so quickly and I haven’t heard the old songs in a very long time. Thank you for reminding me. The songs you sent brought back some lovely memories.

  8. sanfelipe007

    You are very welcome!

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