Pope Francis: F*** U.S.A. Police because Black Lives Matter

I apologize if this article is not a literary masterpiece: it’s just that I’m really angry.

Sure, the incident in the video above near the beginning of Pope Francis’ pontificate (in something like early 2014) was possibly a mistake. Probably it was a purposed way to bring attention to the fact that it is only fallen human beings who are elected to be the Bishop of Rome. And that is very much part of the instruction Pope Francis has always wanted to bring to the world. It’s not a bad point to make. We must stop putting anyone on a pedestal. We all look to the Son of the Living God whom we have all pierced with that sword as He hung upon the Cross, all of us sinners from every Tribe and Tongue and People and Nation. Pope Francis is the ultimate worldly politician. That’s a useful talent. However…

That’s not the incident of “cazzo” or “F***ing” vocabulary to which I refer. No, no. The usage of “cazzo” or “F***ing” to which I refer from Pope Francis happened just the other day, just about the beginning of Summer, 2020, in these U.S.A.


  • The Bishop of El Paso, Texas, USA – along with some henchmen among his priests – knelt down while holding up “BLACK LIVES MATTER” signs.
  • Pope Francis sent that Bishop a congratulatory message specifically for that particular form of solidarity with BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Black lives do matter. So do all lives matter. The Son of the Living God redeemed us all and wants that we assent to being saved. Therefore, all lives matter. I make absolutely no distinction among anyone for any reason whatsoever. I’m totally color blind. I simply cannot abide by any paying attention to color. “I’m white,” whatever that means. I don’t make anything of that whatsoever. “I have black and brown friends (and all other shades of color or not)” right around the world, but I don’t make anything of that either. I would be friends with whomsoever I ever meet regardless of any color. Pigmentation just does not matter to me. Justice matters. I hate injustice.

As Denzel Washington said: “I’m not a race. I’m a human being.”

To insist that BLACK LIVES MATTER apart from the lives of others, differently from the lives of others, is, in fact, supremely racist and an incitement to violence, including murder, including terrorism and genocide. Coming with the voiced agreement of religious leaders such as those priests and that bishop and Pope Francis seems to provide a divine mandate for dissing all those whose lives don’t matter according to BLACK LIVES MATTER: and for BLACK LIVES MATTER there are no police lives which matter including and especially the lives of “black” police officers.

For those religious leaders, whether priest, bishop or Pope, who insist that POLICE LIVES DO NOT MATTER, is tantamount to them saying “F*** the police,” and specifically, even religiously speaking, god damned be the damned police. This is something that endangers the safety and lives of police. It unleashes those who were already at the point of say, committing assassinations against the police. As it is, there have already been an untold number of injuries suffered by the police, as well as many assassinations suffered by the police just in these past days. I’m putting responsibility for that on the heads also of those priests and that bishop and Pope Francis.

If there is more discipline and prosecution needed for certain bad apples among the police, do it! I hate what happened to George Floyd. But don’t be encouraging a reaction of out and out terrorism. That’s exactly what those priests and that bishop and Pope Francis are doing.

But back to the symbol of kneeling, taking a knee. This is a powerful symbol in these U.S.A. It refers to being diametrically opposed to these U.S.A. as a country. It refers to the rejection of our Constitutional Republic. It therefore refers to a rejection of the rule of law, law that is balanced by the justice promoted by the unalienable rights given by God to all individual citizens. It refers to a rejection of natural law. It refers to a rejection of all divine law reflected in that human law. That’s what those priests and that bishop and Pope Francis are doing: God damn the U.S.A. God damn the American Constitution. God damn the rule of law. Those priests and that bishop should be brought up on promoting insurrection and Pope Francis should be banned from entering these U.S.A. We don’t need dialectical materialism here. Really, we don’t.

Oh, by the way, I should mention some things at this point:

  • I’m a Catholic Priest – right now still in good standing – indeed, a Missionary of Mercy of Pope Francis
  • I’m also a Police Chaplain
  • I have placed myself in mortal danger right around the world going against thugs and buffoons who desire chaos to reign

Listen up: It’s always the minorities and poor who suffer with stupid agendas of Marxism, of Antifa fascists, of Black Lives Matter. Always. Marxists always have the wrong analysis, or is it that for them, it’s always all about power alone? Yes. It’s only about power. Damned be fixing injustice regardless of any color involved or not. DEFUND THE POLICE! NO MORE POLICE! are the cries. But what will happen then? More crime and violence for everyone, regardless of color, regardless of social or economic “standing.” But minorities and the poor will suffer most. Always. And that’s just fine and dandy for those who grabbing lawless power, as no law at all is what is best for the power hungry. So, what’s really going on here?

I’ll just say it:

  • I don’t like it when all police are god-damned right to hell because of the bad actions of a few
  • I do in fact think that kneeling is to be reserved for God
  • For a bishop and for priests to kneel before anyone else is another kind of symbol altogether. For Pope Francis to congratulate kneeling before “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is unconscionable.

So, what now?

  • Perhaps Pope Francis will god-damn me right out of being his Missionary of Mercy
  • Perhaps he’ll have me suspended from active ministry in the priesthood
  • Perhaps he’ll dismiss me from the clerical state

THAT would all be sad. But I’m still not going to kneel in favor of racism and violence and chaos and prejudice. I won’t. I can’t. I have a conscience properly formed by natural law and by divine law, and, by the way, by church law. I want to be a priest, not a politically correct puppet to the lowest-common-denominator of some anti-law mob.

Again, in the context of BLACK LIVES MATTER, whose stated purpose is to rid police from the face of the earth, kneeling in adoration to a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign stands for agreement to that stated purpose.

Yours truly won’t be doing any kneeling like that. In my parish, all black and brown and white and whatever color kneel before the Son of the Living God in the Most Blessed Sacrament:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, by the way, Jesus was and is forever the Lion of Tribe of Judah, a Jew, who said that “Salvation if from the Jews.” I kneel before Him, the Divine Son of the Living God. I don’t kneel before violent usurpation coming from any source.

Finally, if you’re still holding out and thinking that taking a knee against, say, the flag of these U.S.A. is reasonable, think again. See this post which has been downloaded by untold numbers of governmental and educational institutions across the country and right around the world since it was posted years ago and right to this very day, at least to know what “influencers” are reading:

National Anthem: Star Spangled Banner – Meaning of “hireling and slave”

A note to Pope Francis: You are not served well by those who advise you. They use you. Maybe you let yourself be used. At any rate, why not just stick to bringing people to Jesus with total respect for Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the actual Magisterial interventions of the Church in the great Councils (not just “dialogue”)?

Or is this just another idolatry exercise, like Pachamama, after all, Pachamama is “brown”, right?

Just anger is good. It doesn’t let you lose peace of soul. Jesus was not without a sense of divine peace even whilst He cleansed the temple with whips and cords against the unjust abuses that were taking place therein. Right? Right?


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11 responses to “Pope Francis: F*** U.S.A. Police because Black Lives Matter

  1. Catherine

    I couldn’t agree with you more on what you wrote here Father George. I am holding you in my prayers daily. I have turned to St. Michael for the police officers as well.
    Unfortunately, because I refuse to agree to protest “black lives matter” it has created a rift in my relationship with my daughter. I am sorry that man died. I am sorry for what transpired. BUT I refuse to be labelled “prejudice” just because I am “white”. I will not take that label because it is undeserved and prejudice in itself. The bottom line is that all lives matter.
    I could go on but you pretty much said this situation true. All I can say about Pope Francis is to pray for his soul and give him to God.
    God bless you Father George…St. Michael is a wonderful saint to turn to in times like these. Praying, praying, praying.

  2. Rory O'Callaghan

    Well said, George. So good to hear a different point of view.

  3. One could view the whole Black Lives Matter movement as racist precisely because it reduces Mr. Floyd to being a poster b_y, and that is an incredibly offensive title.

  4. pelerin

    I don’t know where this idea of kneeling for a demonstration came from. It seems to have caught on suddenly. I too reserve my kneeling before God and I understand that some churches will be open for private prayer next week and if this includes my parish then I look forward to once more being able to kneel before my Lord. That day cannot come soon enough for me.

    • Aussie Mum

      So glad to hear that the churches there are opening, Pelerin, and I agree with what you said about kneeling.
      I saw a video of police in the US kneeling before demonstrators. I don’t get it.

  5. tom schott

    Amen. Coming to see you this weekend from Atlanta. Will feel like coming “home” (spiritually).

  6. Aussie Mum

    The “f” word is not what I expect to hear especially out of the mouth of a pope; and then to read that the Bishop of El Paso knelt before the god of political correctness and was congratulated for doing so by Pope Francis! Father, you pose the question, “is this just another idolatry exercise, like Pachamama”? I think so and I wonder what comes next. According to the ancient Greeks democracy ends in ochlocracy (mob rule), and the “Black Lives Matter” riots and the wide support they are receiving makes mob rule seem very near. I can understand liberals but why does Pope Francis support idolatry and anarchy? Liberalism when fully embraced is anti-clerical and therefore anti-Church but the Pope of all people should not be anti-clerical / anti-Church.
    Yes, dialectical materialism … communism … and so many are going along with it without realising what is happening.

  7. Aussie Mum

    Father, I don’t know if you have seen it yet but Father Z has a youtube video on Freedom Inc, a group guiding and capitalising on the riots. What’s even worse is that they have government funding for it. I haven’t been able to extract the video from the article as my son is asleep and can’t help me out. (I’m hopeless when it comes to modern tech.) The link to the article is

  8. elizdelphi

    That’s the city where I live, Aussie Mum. It is so sad. A coalition of marxist aligned groups have effectively bullied the mayor and done ten thousand times more to spread and impose their message than any Christians here have done to make the Gospel known.

    • Aussie Mum

      The Marxists are at it here too, although they haven’t managed to do as much damage yet, physically speaking. I hope you are safe where you live and work, Elizadelphi, and this madness stops soon.
      Our Lady warned about Communism spreading throughout the world and it surely has. If only these budding revolutionaries knew Our Lord, then this wouldn’t be happening.

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