Getting off Keto! 4+lbs regained day 1


Yesterday I invited a young couple out to lunch at Grandpa Charley’s here in Andrews, a fantastic new restaurant here in town. I’m celebrating because I’ve lost 76.4 pounds on the Keto diet and it’s now time to get off that diet. The blueberry dessert I wolfed down took me out of ketosis altogether.

This young couple was happy to celebrate with me, as they are the ones who put me on the Keto diet. It has literally saved my life. I’ve gotten off my blood pressure meds (two of them) and I have a textbook perfect blood pressure without the weight, without the meds. My sugar is great. That may raise now that I’m getting off of Keto. That’s alright. I have quite a bit of room to raise that up before it’s considered even a little high. I’ve gotten off my prostate med. I feel a zillion times better. And the game changer altogether is that now I can exercise.


The squash are just now harvestable and they have plenty of carbs to keep me in carb-metabolism. Fine. But I need parameters and a different calculator for whatever day’s macros according to my weight, height, sex, BMI, level of activity, purpose for the diet, etc.

  • I’ve been using for food values.
  • I’ve been using the keto calculator for the recommended values.

I’ll still use nutritionix, but I gotta ditch the keto calculator as it would now wrongly adjust the fat grams in relation to the carb grams.

Since I gained four+ pounds the first day – which I don’t regret at all – I obviously thrive better on calculated macro parameters. Anyone know of anything like this?

Or is this all a matter of calorie counting and exercise?



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10 responses to “Getting off Keto! 4+lbs regained day 1

  1. Liz

    Do you do intermittent fasting with it, Father? That seems like a really good way to keep up the effects of Keto. I have lost somewhere around 22 pounds but I need to lose another 15 or so to get back into a healthy range again.

  2. Mary Elizabeth

    That’s an excellent idea, Father.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Congratulations on your perseverance and great results, Father.
    As to your question, I am wondering if you still need to calculate food values etc. Thinking back to the past, most people maintained a healthy weight and fitness without thinking much about it because, even though eating well, there was less in the way of refined foods but lots of physical work. Therefore, since you are now at normal weight and fitness, perhaps you will maintain that just by eating mostly good (as opposed refined) foods, getting some exercise each day (walking, gardening, …) and enough sleep each night.
    Additionally, I have read that eating within an 8 or 10 hour window each day helps to increase well being because it allows for a fasting period of 14 to 16 hours in every 24 to repair and rejuvenate.

  4. Maryb

    Well done, Father!
    Here’s what I’m working with, if this can help. Of course, you could adapt it for maintenance vs weight loss. This is the consensus advice from 3 good MD docs : they have all recommended aiming for 50-70 grams of carbs a day max, for both my husband and me. This is for gradual loss that would be good for our health issues. (Carb counting is much easier and healthier than calorie counting to maintain on. And Keto is a no-go for us right now.) May you find what will be best for you!

  5. Cathy

    More exorcise, I love that!

  6. Chad

    Leave it to a priest to spell “exercise” as “exorcise”. Haha!

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