Some beasts in the rectory garden

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  • Snapper turtles. There’s a Mr and Mrs in the “Town Branch” that makes up one border on the side of the rectory lot here in town.
  • A wolf spider, which is very helpful in keeping undesirables away.
  • A hammerhead worm, an invasive species, which is terrible, as they eat the most helpful earth worms.
  • Some sort of tiny red spider. Red is a warning. I know nothing about this guy.


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2 responses to “Some beasts in the rectory garden

  1. Aussie Mum

    Our “Red-Back” spiders (aka Australian Black Widows) are dangerous but they are essentially black with a thick red stripe. I haven’t seen an all red spider before.

  2. nancyv

    I don’t know about the red spider either, but ugh – those hammerhead worms. Like mosquitos…God made them for something. (???!!!)

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