Seen in Police Department Squad Room


That’s called the First Amendment, my friends. It’s not some sort of political foray other than to state appreciation for the most pro-police president the nation has ever had.

Here’s a detail of what was also seen:


By the way, that’s not some sort of Blue Lives Matter reaction to anything. Instead, it’s called a Thin Blue Line flag which stands in solidarity with those who have been ambushed, killed, assassinated in the Line of Duty. Our police are the thin blue line between civilization and marxist chaos. It stands in solidarity with the families and communities who have suffered such horrific loss of life.

I was gifted the picture, the bill, and the flag the other day, but I’m reintroducing them for the moment, anyway, as I believe they are morale boosters. All police need a boost in morale that these days. It’s essential.

Also, just to say, again, I must thank the town for having arranged for an increase in the police budget and an increase in training.

For the haters out there… Cool your jets… The $20.00 bill is not some crime, clearly stating, as it does, that it is not legal tender.

What we must do is stand in solidarity with those who risk their lives at every incident, every domestic, every traffic stop, as things can go from 0 to 100 in less than a second.


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3 responses to “Seen in Police Department Squad Room

  1. sanfelipe007

    Father, I personally know of at least one LEO who is afraid to voice support for the POTUS because, in part, he (the officer) is a democrat. The fear of Cancel culture has taken a strong hold on many.

  2. As the mother,sister-in -law and mother-in-law of officers, thank you Fr. George ,

  3. Aussie Mum

    The Marxist protests are very troubling. They mustn’t get what they want. A police force is essential and the members of it deserve everyone’s respect, appreciation and support for putting their lives on the line to maintain law and order, serving their country and protecting its people.
    It’s good to hear that your town has arranged for more funding and training for your police force, Father.
    There has been an erosion in gratitude the last 50 years or so for parents, police and anyone exercising authority for the good of others. It’s as if what is good (love, patriotism, freedom etc ) is hated. Even memorials to those now long dead who have sacrificed and helped build the nation or helped preserve its freedom enrage the ungrateful.

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