Amputated Spirit has no prosthetic

Language! But know this, my mom made me go see this film right after it came out, after dad died and not long before she died.

She never said why, but I’m sure it’s about this speech on integrity. She didn’t want me to ever have an amputated spirit, “because there’s no prosthetic for that.”

I’ve been writing about freedom and μολὼν λαβέ recently. I’ve been seeing way too many amputated spirits, good people, but they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid: “They’re taking our freedoms! Boo hoo!” Never say that! Enough of that! Where’s all the brainwashing coming from? Say: μολὼν λαβέ! And never give up.

We can’t rest on our laurels. Things are changing too fast. Instead of bragging, our hero in the clip above confesses that he never made the best choice. Confession. There’s integrity in that.

There’s no one who enjoys freedom more with integrity than the one who humbly recognizes that he’s been enslaved to a too high opinion of himself.


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4 responses to “Amputated Spirit has no prosthetic

  1. sanfelipe007

    Thanks, Father. We poor sinners need the ostinato of “repent!” For all have fallen short…

  2. Aussie Mum

    ‘She didn’t want me to ever have an amputated spirit, “because there’s no prosthetic for that.” ‘ You are speaking of your mother here, Father, but you could be speaking of Our Lady. Your mother used a movie as her instrument and the Mother of us all used the events at Fatima.
    The spirit of the age has corrupted and demoralised, and it’s easy to feel disheartened especially as things escalate toward the end (the end of an age; not necessarily the end of the world). She didn’t want our spirits to be crushed and amputated by what lay ahead and so she told us ahead of time: “in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.
    Losing Our Lord in Holy Communion during the lockdown disturbed many but Our Lady knew that was coming. She said to pray the Rosary daily. There may be a still longer period without Holy Communion ahead but the Rosary will sustain us until it passes.
    “I’ve been seeing way too many amputated spirits, good people, but they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid: “They’re taking our freedoms! Boo hoo! Never say that! ” The Catholic media aren’t helping. From that source I have heard that revolution ALWAYS leads to civil war, and violence let loose on statues ALWAYS leads to atrocities carried out on people. There are historical precedents for what they are saying (French and Russian Revolutions for example) and today’s Marxist mobs in free countries are certainly trying to get a revolution going, but it doesn’t have to go that way yet certainly will if we throw in the towel.
    People are feeling helpless. What I would like to see is the Catholic media pointing out that although powerless in worldly terms, we are not powerless! We are the militant wing of the Church and even if we are locked-in (in prison or isolated in our homes because of the lockdown, illness, disability or violence) we can change the world because this mess began with sin and each of us can stop sinning and offer prayers and sacrifices to help others stop sinning. We don’t need access to the powerful in the world; we only need access to divine assistance and we have that.
    It would help to hear more about Fatima – not the sweet, sanitised version, but the real story.

  3. Joisy Goil

    Aussie Mom,
    I agree with you so much. You have stated so clearly the very thoughts I have been wrestling with. God is in charge! All these people who are singing dirges are wrong. I am so shocked that hardly anyone has said ‘trust in the Lord’ when wailing about the corona virus or pray for deliverance.

    I know it is right to be careful and to do what is considered best by the experts – but God is still the best expert of all. Jesus I trust in You!

    And yes, I too want to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Fatima,

    • Aussie Mum

      Joisy Goil, I would love to discuss Fatima with you over a cup of coffee if that were possible.
      I have been researching what happened at Fatima and writing on it (still in draft form) for about 5 years. It’s taken awhile and I’m still not finished, not only because of poor health but because one has to consult a number of sources to get the whole story and I no longer read and think as quickly as I used to.
      When all the available facts are assembled and the story of Fatima viewed in its entirety one finds that it recaps Salvation History and highlights our role in it, setting before us what really matters – our relationship with Our Lord. As such, it prepares us for the times we are living through and also becomes an excellent catechetical tool.
      Because the truths of the Catholic religion are revealed as the story of Fatima is unpacked, I think priests and other teachers of the faith could use it to good effect as long as they are working with the whole thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across one book that brings it all together and some leave out important details. For instance, some accounts ignore St Michael the Archangel and yet his presence at Fatima and what he said and did there is of major importance.

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