Jesus sends us as lambs in the midst of wolves: and then…

Jesus lamb wolves

Jesus carries us into the battle, He being The Warrior. We pray:

  • “Do not throw us alone into the battle, but deliver us from the Evil One.”

Yes, that’s the more accurate translation of the end of the Lord’s prayer. Get it?

As the Good Shepherd, redeeming us, uniting us to Himself, when Jesus lays down His life for us, He lays down our lives with His own. That’s a privilege.

As the Master, so the disciple. He stands in our place, the Innocent for the guilty, taking on the punishment we deserve for having bowed down to Satan in original sin. We still suffer the effects of original sin, such as death – right? – and that’s all about justice. The salvation we receive is not about being delivered from the just consequences of original sin in this life. Rather it is about being transformed in sanctifying grace, which, as Saint Paul says, turns to glory in heaven.

So, again, sorry to continue the rant: Are there those who would take away our freedom? Sure. So what? Stay close to the Shepherd who said that when He is lifted up on the Cross, the ultimate taking away of freedom, He will freely draw all to Himself, He bringing us into humble thanksgiving.

Don’t forget, when He draws us to Himself while He is on the Cross, when all of hell is broken out, we will see all of hell broken out, right? Don’t be afraid. Don’t run. Be carried into the battle by the Shepherd who is our One and Only Soldier. He will bring us to heaven. He will have some scars, but He will be the last One standing, and us with Him:

lion of the tribe of judah



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3 responses to “Jesus sends us as lambs in the midst of wolves: and then…

  1. nancyv

    This…and Aussie Mum’s comment from “Amputated spirit” have made me remember what I know. Thank you Father. (Nice drawing!!)

  2. Aussie Mum

    The depiction of the lamb is beautiful, so child like – snuggling in for protection and totally trusting. “Jesus I trust in You” comes to mind. The artist is very talented.

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