Father Robert Altier on the cleansing of temple by Mary

I laughed out loud when he described the difference between Jesus and Mary when it comes to the unrelenting ferocious cleansing of the temple. Hahahahaha. :-) Good for you, Father Altier. I love it.


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5 responses to “Father Robert Altier on the cleansing of temple by Mary

  1. Aussie Mum

    Thank you for putting up Father Altier’s homily, Father. What he said needs to be said and heard by as many as possible.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Wow! What a crescendo. Terrifying, sobering, wonderful. Thank you passing on Father Robert’s homily.

  3. pelerin

    When a video is recommended on a blog I am always curious to see the details of those that follow and this time there was a young monk telling ’10 Hilarious Catholic Jokes’ which raised a much needed laugh here. I had already heard two of them – my children having attended a Catholic school used to bring home some great jokes!

  4. 125gardener

    I think our Lord’s Temple incident had immoral reprobates to relocate. His Church, now worldwide and led by immoral communist imposters, needs His faithful to be wise, prayerful, and thankful for the good priests who persevere.

  5. gk

    I think I remember viewing this when it came out in 2018…it has aged quite well, and remains ominous. As Fr Altier said: “If this is what happens inside the Church, what is going to happen when it goes outside of the Church?” I believe we are about to see just how horrible it can be. The “wailing and gnashing of teeth” the end of the video may be exactly what we’ll be hearing?

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