Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Assumption, edition)

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A priest-friend of some three decades (I’m now getting to be a senior priest) in the land of Saint Thomas the Apostle, which everyone Catholic in the world knows is the Asian Sub-Continent of the Great India, has sent in some flowers for the Immaculate Conception on the glorious feast of her Assumption into heaven, soul and body, a family feast, as it were, Jesus, her Divine Son, wanting that His own dear mother be with Him straightaway in heaven. When we wish each other God-speed, we are wishing them a quick trip to heaven – in God’s time – without any detours in purgatory. I like how my friend starts at a distance and, as if hunting, gets closer to his prey. All for the Immaculate Conception now assumed into heaven!

And then, a parishioner, totally on the other side of the world, sent in this flower for the Immaculate Conception on her feast day:


How about we get some souls in purgatory into heaven who are awaiting a Hail Mary from us for them? Hail Mary…



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