Homily: Jesus’ Mom is the “Dog-Woman” The most ferocious sermon of my life


When Saint Paul says that Jesus “became sin” for us, that’s rather a controversial statement. Speaking in shorthand begs some reflection, some questions. I take it all a step further, saying that “Immaculate Mary” “became sin” for us. This is a rather intense, if long, and emotional sermon for me to deliver.

I always and only speak from the heart, trying to listen as I speak to the my Guardian Angel and the Holy Spirit, since I know nothing and they know everything, and seeing that there is a grace for preaching in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I may not have cooperated with that grace. You be the judge.

  • Some parishioners were profoundly affected for the better. Those people have suffered immensely in life, in all the truth of God’s charity.
  • In summary of long reprimand of one parishioner, this sermon was an abject, total failure on my part, and was a perfect example of division instead of unity, horribly depressing and dark, but that I should be of good heart, as I can use this as an occasion for learning.


  • I still see the “great faith” of the “Dog-Woman” in all her hellish suffering as the brilliantly shining glory of God among us as grace upon this earth.
  • I still see the crucifixion of Jesus as the manifestation of glory upon glory of God’s truth in all charity upon this earth.
  • I still see the Woman under the Cross as the manifestation of God’s glory upon this earth in a mere human being, although the Woman of great faith, the ever holy ever virgin Immaculate Mary now assumed into heaven.

Perhaps I am to be anathematized for what I say, but this sermon is what I consider to be the best of my entire life, bar none. Of course, I am biased.

Again, it’s a little long, but I’m speaking about Mary – OUR MOTHER! – throughout, regardless of whether or not I mention the “Dog-Woman.” I can’t help but speak at length about my mother and yours, Jesus’ Good Mom…


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4 responses to “Homily: Jesus’ Mom is the “Dog-Woman” The most ferocious sermon of my life

  1. Michael Brandon

    Dear Father George

    Pretty good homily for a tired guy, or any alter Christus for that matter.

    Connecting the “woman” to Mary was a master stroke. At Cana, Jesus called His good Mom, woman, as the new Eve. Woman of women, Virgin of virgins.

    Here Jesus calls the Canaanite woman, “woman” as well. In her faith, she is a “woman” of women, not unlike the Woman of women.

    Beautiful teaching.

    Our pastor here in London Ontario delivered, in my opinion, his best homily ever yesterday, as well.

    Earlier yesterday I had read the following linked item, which spoke of a Pentecost outpouring on our priests signaling renewal in the Church. Your homily was the second sign of it I saw in less than 24 hours.


    God Bless You, and please pass my best wishes on to Father Gordon.

    Michael Brandon

  2. nancyv

    Well…at 22:25, I started laughing in an ah-ha moment and then wow…wondered again how priests make it through the Consecration at Holy Mass, and how I can remain kneeling and not falling on my face. This is a life changer…I never ever would have come up with that interpretation without your help, but it makes PERFECT sense. Perfect. Deo gratias.
    (please no need to post this, Michael’s comment says it all)

  3. sanfelipe007

    Great Sermon, Father. Thanks be to God!

  4. Aussie Mum

    A beautiful homily, thank you Father.
    We are very fortunate that you speak the ancient biblical languages and have received the grace to interpret them as they were meant, and that you take the time to pass on that understanding to us. Thank you again.

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