Biden to be excommunicated (if Father Byers become Pope)

Joe Biden has spent a lifetime trying his level best to push for ever more millions of innocent little children in the womb to suffer being torn limb from limb, sucked into vacuums with shredding blades, having them melted with acid and all the gruesomeness of procured abortion. He should have been excommunicated long ago.

Yet there are untold numbers of pro-abortion bishops who do their level best to encourage him by insisting that he be able to receive Holy Communion, where instead, as Saint Paul says, he will risk meeting his condemnation in Christ Jesus, who was Himself in the womb of His Immaculate Mother for nine months.

So, let me rephrase that, if Father Byers becomes Pope, not only will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry and so many other fanatical pro-abortionists be straightaway excommunicated for their moral heresy*, but so will all their pro-abortion bishops encouragers, the latter also receiving many other ecclesiastical medicinal penalties also aimed at their repentance.

* Canonists used to argue that such maniac pro-abortion politicians could not be excommunicated inasmuch as the law states something about aiding more directly in the procurement of the abortion, such as in the operation of a suction-razor machine inside an abortuary. At the same time, they ignored what could easily have them all excommunicated forthwith, and that is their heresy regarding moral doctrine (with that moral doctrine actually being consonant with the natural law). And so we have the situation we have today, thanks to the facilitators. Oh, so, on that point, let’s also excommunicate all the chancery rats who went out of their way to give bad advice through the years.

P.S. Can anyone add some names to the list? I may not let those through comment moderation!


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7 responses to “Biden to be excommunicated (if Father Byers become Pope)

  1. I add my Governor Phil Murphy (Gov MoreForMe). He claims to be Catholic and John Kasich former Governor of Ohio has said he is Catholic

  2. Michael

    Nancy “as a Catholic, this [late-term abortion] is sacred ground” Pelosi.
    We might have to look into some “Catholic” college and hospital trustees too.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Yikes, Father! Like those in front of Jesus who were asked to throw the first stone, I will walk away among the first.

  4. Michael Horn

    I am an Orthodox Christian. We all agree with your thoughts, except for the Archbishop of America (He seems confused). Can you enlighten me? Who is Fr. Byers?

  5. Alan R Shumard

    Look at I Corinthians 5:17. Here Paul orders the IMMEDIATE EXCOMMUNICATION of a church member having an affair with his stepmom! That’s bad, but advocating for our national holocaust is far, far worse. At Judgement Day the Roman Church officials will have to answer for this. What excuses will they give? In 2003, I went to the March for Life in Washington, DC carrying a sign calling for abortaholic Ted Kennedy’s excommunication. Most marchers, who were Catholic, liked it, but the priests just glared at me. It’s obvious that these abortaholics stay members because they give mucho dinero to the Roman Church. This means $$$ to them is more important than innocent human life! Any responses?

    • Alan R Shumard

      There was a typo in my earlier response; it’s I Corinthians 5:1-7, not I Corinthians 5:17.

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