Penalties for not wearing Covid-1984 masks? Song fest!

  • Francisco: “What are you in for, sir?
  • Thug: “Murder, rape, arson, pretty much everything. What are you in for?”
  • Lucia: “We were rushing to meet the Queen of Heaven, and we forgot our face masks.”
  • Thug: “Seriously, they threw you prison for that?”
  • Jacinta: “Yes, but as long as we’re here, how about singing some hymns with us? How about ‘Immaculate Mary’?”
  • All:


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4 responses to “Penalties for not wearing Covid-1984 masks? Song fest!

  1. Aussie Mum

    The video is beautiful, thank you Father for posting it for all of us. I have longed to go to Fatima but that will never be and so seeing it this way is the next best thing to being there in person.
    What do you mean by calling Covid-19 “Covid-1984”? “1984” brings Orwell’s book of that name to mind and therefore is it used to imply that Covid-19 isn’t a real illness or that it is real but nonetheless being used for political purposes? I think Covid-19 is real, likely a bio-weapon and that the powers of this world are using it to further their agenda. I don’t want to catch the virus and expect that I would probably die if I did due to age and respiratory problems. Consequently, I am not against wearing masks in a crowd but don’t have to resort to doing so as I am always at home.
    What Our Lady warned of at Fatima is still unfolding and will, I think, get much worse before it’s over yet will not be so bad if the US holds the line; that is, if corruption is rooted out and the communist inspired riots do not become a revolution. People all over the world are joining with Father Heilman’s prays for America. I get an email from his organisation daily with the Novena prayers etc. His website for those wanting more information is
    As goes the USA, so goes the world.

    • Father George David Byers

      Real also abused. We pray.

    • Elizabeth D

      I know Fr Heilman for years and was at the recent Eucharistic procession/Rosary rally with 2000 people and two bishops beside Jesus Himself, Fr Heilman is always so kind to me it is strange, he came up to me during a sort of lull in the rosary and spoke of our “fellow-warrior” history. It is interesting how he has an audience all over, he is zealous, cheerful and always trying to start not just a parish program or something, but a movement in one way or another. first time I met him when I was a newly reverted I heard him gleefully tell a story about how he and some lay people marched around the state capitol building (and various other places such as Planned Parenthood) sprinkling a really large amount of blessed salt, as the greatest exploit, I did not know WHAT to make of that, or of him!

  2. nancyv

    The children (as usual) suffer the most.
    Ave Maria!

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