Update: Epic Day Off

Shamelessly prayers are requested.

Update: As long time readers know, taking a “Day Off” might well be considered essential to priestly ministry. Priest stuff is likely to happen. A quiet day – ultra super quiet – is what was envisioned for the first time in a long, long time. It’s when we make plans that God laughs and prepares something else for us.

Somewhere between 500-600 miles clocked on Sassy the Subaru. Some hours of priest-stuff were accomplished in word and deed at the destination designated for me. Sassy pulled into the carport at the rectory after mid-night, safe and sound, the dogs happy, nothing burned or looted. Thanks for the prayers which were evident throughout the day.

The usual “Day Off” goes from midnight to midnight on Tuesdays. This week, on Monday night, “texting” went on, then phone calls, then some praying, then off to the gas station to fill up Sassy with a full tank. Then various ecclesiastics were contacted. Pretty late. But a response was to be had long before sunrise. Mass was said for the intention and it was time to start out. The purpose of the day – in my point of view – was a successful for what was able to be done at the time. Great! Thank you for your prayers.

Another benefit was to be had, entirely unexpected. The consequences of that other benefit are only about to begin. This will be somewhat of a drama for really very many, though not for me. That drama needs a Hail Mary so that it might all be an occasion for many souls to be closer to Jesus. Thank you for your prayers.

The drive back home saw a detour and more priest stuff. It worked out because, of course, your prayers. Thank you.

During the drive back home I felt perhaps somewhat like snarky Saint John must have felt like next to Jesus’ good mom at this time:

And for that, thank you for your prayers. It’s amazing how Jesus uses donkey priests such as yours truly. Someone called me a schmuck the other day. That’s annoying however true, but not because it’s true, but for the reason that it’s not a fulsome enough description. I crucified the Son of the Living God. My idiocy made Mary look that way. But inasmuch as I was able on the “Day Off” to witness to what happened on Calvary, remaining with Mary, that’s because of your prayers, and I thank you for that.

But now it’s time to do something about the unexpected bit. Thanks for your prayers. Sometimes a “Day Off” takes up more days…


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6 responses to “Update: Epic Day Off

  1. Liz

    Always praying for you, Father! However, I will say a couple of extras for you…what was the emergency set of prayers you used to have us say on a rosary…like with Memorares or St. Micheal prayers or something? God bless and keep you.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Always, Father! Asking for prayers is an act of Faith. Giving prayers is an act of Mercy. Two blessings received out of simple cooperation. The Lord’s yoke is so easy.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Praying for you Father, and will throughout the day. It’s presently 6:40am here.

  4. nancyv

    Hope you had an epic and not a wreck it day off! Every day, you are remembered in prayer in every 2nd mystery of whatever Rosary for the day is, with my 2nd grandson…”for the protection and wellbeing of the hearts and souls of Peter Jerzy (grandson), Fr. Maloney, Fr. Buckler, and Fr. Byers..and in thanksgiving for their Guardian Angels”

  5. sanfelipe007

    Thank you for the update, Father. Your report is a balm for the wounds caused by those who mock prayer.

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