Homily: Holy Spirit’s Joy vs self-entitled dark despair

Examples from the fake “joy” of terrorism, alternative “life-styles”, self-entitled narcissism, and so on, all in contrast to just when the true joy of the Holy Spirit is established by Almighty God in the souls of His little flock.

To anyone who might recognize himself in the alternative “life-styles” example: no apologies for my comments here. And certainly no apologies to the at-one-time largest monastery in North America (with, I think, some 412 professed monks), which was one of many home parishes for me when I was very many decades younger than I am now.

Oh, yes: Thanks go to the airport transport driver, really cool guy.


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2 responses to “Homily: Holy Spirit’s Joy vs self-entitled dark despair

  1. nancyv

    I thank God for His gentle smackdowns from His faithful priest. Very opportune homily for these times. I get fearful and disgusted with myself (even more pride!) after hearing just how prideful I have been after hearing some of your homilies, but always reassured by you reminding us of God’s great Love.
    If you and my friends here have an extra couple of hours, (hahahahaha) take the time to watch “A Hidden Life”, about Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, I think you will agree it was time well spent.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Thank you, Father. I am reminded of how the anti-christian segment of the entertainment industry tends to portray a christian in, say, detective shows.
    The name and address of the suspect is discovered, a warrant obtained. The door is broken down, but the suspect is not there – but look! Religious objects! statues, burning candles, gasp a crucifix!
    Reality shows, on the other hand, tend to favor the charismatic for their caricatures of Christianity. One such show, a “dating” reality show, featured a fellow who was so joyful that God loved him, that he was so joyful that he loved you! No, really, I love you!
    On and on he would go, with occasional cuts to the poor, much put-off, girl whose eyes seemed to plead with the camera for relief. This is their token “believer.”

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