How dare I preach about Mary’s Son Jesus?!

I had better get it right, because, if not, I’m liable to be scolded by Jesus’ good mom, the Immaculate Conception. She wants her priest-sons to speak rightly about her Divine Son, Christ Jesus, Christ our God, The Priest.

This family obligation, if you will, hit me quite strongly this past week. Because of renovations in the church, just painting and such at the moment, the statue of Our Lady of Fatima had to come down temporarily, so, she’s been standing right next to the priest’s chair in the sanctuary, off to the side.

I get distracted by noticing her fierce and, if I may, snarky eyes, as if encouraging me to speak more fiercely in an every more snarky manner. Since that’s the direction I’ve been heading over a lifetime, but more markedly in these past number of months, this is perhaps wishful thinking on my part, you know, the old “I’m blame Jesus’ good mom for any fierceness and snarkiness in my preaching.

I mean, here’s my view up close of those ever so fierce and snarky eyes:

Yes, she is happy to be our good mother as well, but what I see in those eyes is someone who has seen it all, and wants that the truth in all charity be preached to the little flock of Jesus her dear Son.

I have to recall when, at just 16 years old, as a Fatima Cadet of the Fatima Family Apostolate of Father Robert J Fox, I was able to help carry the statue of Mary on the vigil of the apparition of July 13, so, for the candlelight procession in Fatima the night of July 12, 1976.

These are the things I carry in my heart, into my preaching, to this day.

To be clear: what I carry in my soul is the grace of the good confessions of a life-time (at the time) in Fatima. Mary, you have to know, leads us to her Son. That she has interceded through the years that I might be able to preach about her dear Son is about enough to bring me to tears of thankfulness. Non sum dignus. Poor Father Fox, who had to hear my confession of a life-time (at the time!). His goodness and kindness and faithfulness have always been a good example to me to strive to follow.

It’s good to have a good confessor to whom to confess to Almighty God.

Go to Confession!


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3 responses to “How dare I preach about Mary’s Son Jesus?!

  1. jane a brown

    thank God for our marion priests…the mother who always has us under her mantle and leads us to her Son….keep preaching the truth

  2. sanfelipe007

    Once in a while, a comedian will share what is in the heart, perhaps a piece of an epiphany. He says(my paraphrase):
    “I once stayed up so late drinking at a party. As I was stumbling home in the wee hours of the morning, I suddenly noticed the sun rising -it was as if God were shining his flashlight asking ‘what are you doing?’ I said in response, I’m, I’m going, I’ll just be going home, now.”

  3. Aussie Mum

    What a joyful experience to have the honour of helping to carry the statue of our Blessed Mother in procession at Fatima; also to have been blessed with Father Fox to hear one’s confession and give spiritual guidance when you were in your teens. He was a very fine priest. I used his book “Catholic Truth for Youth” with all four of my children and his “Mary’s White League” audio cassettes with the parish children I taught later on. He visited our home in September 2001 before heading to Soufanieh, a suburb of Damascus, and was in the air somewhere between Australia and Syria when the 9/11 terrorist attack happened in the US. The book “Light From the East – Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh” followed and is well worth reading.

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