Masses for Priests?!?!

A guy I know has started a project of getting specific priests to say Masses for specific priests, both of them living.

He’s had me say three Masses for another priest who, in turn, is offering three Masses for yours truly at the request of the same guy.

In other words, you’ll have to do the groundwork for this, going to two different parishes. Perhaps you can start by doing this with two priests you know, say, your pastor and the pastor of a neighboring parish.

This is something the Mother of all priests, Jesus’ good Mom, would appreciate very much.

Of course, when I die and I’m in purgatory until the end of the world, I would be very happy to have Masses said for me, even if I could not anymore offer Masses for those saying Mass for me.


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3 responses to “Masses for Priests?!?!

  1. sanfelipe007

    After absolution, I always tell my confessor that I am immediately offering a Rosary for him before Mass. But this Priest for Priest Mass thing sounds good, too. Just in case one of the two Priests objects (who knows why?) how should one handle it?

  2. As the left side of the Church implodes, Mass opportunities may become available at parishes that in the past would be booked a year in advance. In fact, even in the last few years of wandering around, before this unmentionable year, I noticed more and more bulletins with blank spaces alongside the daily Masses; some parishes’ schedules were almost completely available at least at the time of printing. This is as worthy a way as any other to fill those blank spaces– and if the priest offering the Mass is retired, he may be counting on those Mass stipends to make ends meet.

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