Nicholas Sandmann’s great RNC speech, but the bishops…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has already signed on fellow Kentuckian Nicholas Sandmann as a grassroots director for McConnell’s reelection bid. Great!

But there’s a down-side: Nicholoas has received death threats and says: “My parents are receiving death and professional threats because of the social media mob that has formed over this issue.”

During the January 18 March for Life when this happened at the Lincoln Memorial it is reported that Nicholas was under 18 years of age.

That a number of bishops very strongly and publicly rebuked Nicholas, thus inciting the death threats against a purported minor and his family is egregious. Any backtracking doesn’t count in the bishops own policies about child-protection. If Nicholas was under 18 at the time of their unjustly smashing him down publicly, endangering him and his family, it seems to me that such bishops need to resign.

Hey! Just my personal opinion. But if he or his family is injured or worse, I’m also thinking that those bishops need to be put in prison.

It’s also my personal opinion that these truly violent attacks may be wrought by one or the other bishop because Nicholas Sandmann is pro-life, actually went to the March for Life, and wanted to promote for reelection the most Catholic POTUS these USA has ever seen, as is the right of a Catholic layman to do.

The anti-life, anti-catholic bishops are getting increasingly frustrated as their “power” is slipping away with the likes of a young man of integrity and honesty.

Go get ’em, Nicholas! Know this, that there are Catholics aplenty who totally support you.


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2 responses to “Nicholas Sandmann’s great RNC speech, but the bishops…

  1. James Anderson

    And his own Bishop wouldn’t back down when the truth was publicly made known.

  2. We need to watch our bishops.

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