Dems on September 11 2001 and Benghazi: Who cares?

ilhan omar

Ilhan Omar downplaying Islamicist terrorism saying: “Some people did something.” That’s it. After Joe Biden is declared incompetent under the 25th Amendment, Harris will become President and she’ll get Ilhan to become vice-president. Then the USA will be no more. China wins. And a war between China and Islam will play out right here. No one wins.

Nancy Pelosi won’t help get rid of of Islamicist terrorism. How could she? She calls September 11 2001 an “incident,” you know, like your shoelaces becoming untied. Take a look at the next picture. Do you agree?

september 11 2001 twin towers falling

But – Hey! – Maybe Harris will get Hillary to be vice-president, you know, to keep the theme going with more support from our domestic terrorist voters, who agree with her about the deaths of our military heroes when she says about their deaths: “What difference does it make?”


What do you expect from people who are maniac pro-abortionists. It’s all about death, death, and more horrific death to them.

What a dark time we live in.

But the Light shines in the darkness. “Let your Light so shine before men…”

Be not afraid.


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4 responses to “Dems on September 11 2001 and Benghazi: Who cares?

  1. Mark March

    I hate to admit that I feel powerless in this struggle for our Nation. Yes my vote counts (maybe), but I can’t help but think the fix is in. Just as it was for Bernie in 2016. The end results will be terrifying to all, especially those who have been blinded to the realities of the Left’s true motivation.

  2. nancyv

    If you begin a 54 day novena Rosary today (27 days of petition and 27 days of thanksgiving) look at your Catholic calendar and you will see the significance of the days your petition prays end and the day your thanksgiving prayers end. I am praying for the protection and well being of President Trump (and for his conversion to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church and for Mike Pence’s reversion).
    Mark, we are not powerless with the greatest weapon of prayer, you know that. I too think it may be terrifying and that all of us will suffer. And I am so grateful to God for priests who tell us the truth. Thank you Fr. George Byers.

    • Aussie Mum

      I totally agree with you, Nancy. Be assured there are Catholics here on the other side of the world united with you in prayer.

      • Joisy Goil

        It is good to know that we have real friends on other nations. God bless you and all those who pray for us and with us.

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