Tunnels to Towers 9/11 ceremony


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2 responses to “Tunnels to Towers 9/11 ceremony

  1. Mark March

    It is sometime odd to me, that there are events in my past that I can recall clearly as if it were happening today. This event was one, another was the fall of Saigon. Yet we see the memories of D-Day, Pearl Harbor, holocaust passing with hardly a mention. How short our time in this life. Thank God for the hope of eternity.

  2. pelerin

    I am proud to say that my son , a Firefighter in London England, ran in the Tunnel to Towers race a few years ago along with his counterparts in the New York Fire Brigade. He told me that what moved him the most was seeing the photos lining the tunnel of the Firefighters who died. I am ashamed to say that until I read Father’s blog today I did not even know it was the anniversary.

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