Father Altman smashed down by alleged suggestion of homosexualist James Martin

Father Altman has been speaking with parrhesia, that is, with a boldness empowered by God who is Truth, who is Love, with a boldness that couldn’t care less about consequences in this world, including marginalization, including death. As the Master, so the disciple. Father Altman has been speaking the truth of Jesus, and has allegedly been betrayed to mob violence by another priest.

Father Altman has now been forbidden to live-stream Holy Mass. This statement in the video above is after Holy Mass. It’s the end of that too. I hate that for him and his flock and the Church.

Apparently, James Martin, the homosexualist, allegedly suggested that he be smashed him down. And that alleged suggestion was followed. I wonder if James Martin will suggest that his church be burned down, and worse.

  • Recall the violence of Sodom and Gomorrah. The males from the eldest to the very youngest, to a person, gathered to rape to death Lot’s visitors.
  • Recall the extreme violence recounted by Saint Paul in the last half of chapter 1 of his inspired letter to the Romans.

Look, I don’t at all and not in the least do I condemn anyone whomsoever who has some same sex attraction. No. Many of those carrying such a cross are great saints totally on their way to heaven, living chaste lives in praise of Almighty God. It’s those who militarize same sex attraction as a call to arms, even with death threats, to whom I offer a reprimand in hopes that they also have one more opportunity to convert to the Lord and be on their way to heaven.

If Father Altman is martyred, glory be to God for that graced witness of this good priest.

But the blame for the murder which I pray will not happen I will put squarely on the shoulders of anyone who has actually suggested that Father Altman be smashed down. But that will have to be demonstrated in court. That might be really easy.

As a precedent, remember Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines, the Rwandan radio station which broadcast from July 8, 1993 to July 31, 1994, fomenting the genocide against the Tutsi. Members were convicted of crimes against humanity. What say you, James Martin? What say you, church leaders who kowtow to James Martin, giving him power by attacking Father Altman? Oh, I forgot, kowtowing is a Chinese custom, you know, from China, which is directing a lot of the violence in these United States today. I get it.


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16 responses to “Father Altman smashed down by alleged suggestion of homosexualist James Martin

  1. Mark March

    Sad, but not surprising, the attack on Fr. Altman. He has been boldly going where our bishops should have been leading for quite some time. I enjoyed his videos on FB.

  2. Liz

    I love him! Praying and praying and praying for Fr. Altman, you, Fr. Gordon and all priests.

  3. James Anderson

    That observation about Rwanda might also apply to our politicians who urge on the rioters who then loot, rape and murder.

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    Father Altman is one of a the very few courageous and faithful priests and bishops who bravely speak the truth out loud (Father Byer is another). Of course he will be persecuted. Satan is having his fun time right now. In the end he and those who are like him will triumph along with the Immaculate Mother of our Priest-King, Our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Until that happy time, it is incumbent upon us to pray and sacrifice for these brave men of God. Lord, please do not let them become discouraged. Viva Christ Rey!!

  5. Joisy Goil

    Been praying for Fr. Altman for quite some time. I really wish that Pope Francis would consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. If he did, than probably all this discord and attacks on godly priests and the innocents of the world would evaporate and we would be in the era of the triumph of Our Lady and world peace. I hope we will all live to see that day. And that it is soon.

  6. Kay Arrington

    For the past 50 years we have been being fed a watered down Catholicism. Thanks be to God for Fr.Altman who has been called by God to preach the truth, call a sin a sin, and call us all to prayer and repentance. He may very well be punished by his Bishop but if I were his Bishop, I would worry about what my punishment would be if I tried to silence him. Praying for you Fr. Altman and am so thankful for you. Praise be to God.

  7. Dianne Rothfork

    May God bless you and all you do in his name

  8. Kathy

    Father Altman has helped me tremendously through the last several months. Especially during the lockdown. I am in total agreement with everything he preaches! I will keep him in my prayers

  9. alice

    I feel that Fr Altman is spot on!!!! He’s the one priest who is telling it like it is….many priests are so ‘vanilla’….not even condeming the violence that took place last summer….as if it never happened!!! The church needs more like him….right now I feel the church is very weak…not even any comments from the Pope on condeming abortion…the riots or anything else for that matter!!

  10. Tom

    My parish priest says he convenes with the other priest every evening to make sure the next day’s mass homily will be accepted. He said it’s emotionally exhausting to have to watch every word he says, to keep from offending people and driving them away from the Church.

    I see Father Altman isn’t afraid to offend someone with the Truth.

  11. Anna Bennett

    Father Altman is the rare priest today who follows Christ to the letter and helps his flock to follow the teachings of Christ. Pray for the priests who want to establish their own thoughts and fantasies of leading Catholics who are looking for an easy way out to the dredged of he’ll with such priests leading the parade. Thank you Father Altman for wanting to save souls from perdition. I listen to you everyday. Thank you for your courage

  12. eL Kerkhoven

    Fr. James Martin is leading souls to hell.
    For shame on the compliant clergy.

    This martyr/saintly priest to trying to save people with truth; a John the Baptist archetype.
    After traveling 4 hours to hear him preach on the Ascension I felt renewed and strengthened.
    Fr. Altman speaks the words of the Gospel and truth; May others are a brood of vipers leading others to the abyss. Thank you Fr. Altman for your witness in these confusing times.

  13. Linda Wade

    I would fear God, if I were James Martin. I say this with humility, as I fear the fires of hell for myself.
    I pray that God will protect and keep Father Altman as a good shepherd priest.

  14. Lin

    I would fear God, if I were James Martin. I say this with humility, as I fear the fires of hell for myself.
    I pray that God will protect and keep Father Altman as a good shepherd priest.

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