Joe Biden 2020÷666=30330

“Go to Joe at 30330.” Joey later said that this was a gaffe, not the 30330 part, but the Joe part. He said he wanted to say that if you support Joe, text him at 30330. He also said that overnight his campaign got lots of money for this.

But what is 30330? After Mass yesterday, one of my parishioners said to turn on the calculator on the desk. I did. He said, tap in 2020. I did. He said, divide that by 666. I did. He said, now press enter. I asked him to do it!

The result was 30330.

Yikes! said I. Yes, he said, explaining that he had just seen this going around the web and that he thought I would immediately get the upshot of this, or better, see the precipitousness of the darkness of the swamp.

Joey later said that it was great for the money during the night. “The night.”

I have this post also tagged with “Humor”, but there can be much truth in humor.


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8 responses to “Joe Biden 2020÷666=30330


    These are 3 sets of numbers that are not random, in order to end up with a mathmatical coincidence… You’d have better odds of hitting the lottery three weeks in a row… Knowing the year of Election, and knowing the number of the beast…The text # cannot be random, it had to be Purposefully done…But why?

  2. sanfelipe007

    Perhaps it is an invitation to those who are aware if this, to give their assent. “To what?” you may ask; to freely pick a side.

  3. Fonnie Preston

    Biden is a miserable reprobate

  4. chris

    maybe he saying who he is really working for letting those who have eyes see

  5. james moore

    Now get 30330÷666 =46 (rounded up) 46th president JOE BIDEN

  6. David

    Revelation 13:16-18. Nothing funny about it. This is serious stuff.

  7. Aussie Mum

    Further to David’s mention of Apocalypse 13:16-18.
    I’m not saying it is so for I have no way of knowing but given our current situation re Covid-19 vaccinations, if (a big if) it should be about vaccination certificates, we have the technology to imprint that information on the skin visibly or in the skin invisibly. If the latter, some sort of scanner would be required to read it. Therefore a “mark” on forehead or hand could be a means of displaying the information that one has accepted vaccination and whatever else the beast demands in order to carry on with a normal life (going to church, buying or renting a home, shopping, getting medical treatment, travel etc). A “church” in that case would be of a kind approved by the beast. However, that such is possible doesn’t mean that it is the case. Moreover, I don’t see Biden as the beast … he could work for him, I suppose. Time will tell.

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