All the fires of hell aren’t enough to destroy God’s love

After a break in the rain for a couple of weeks we had 3/10th of an inch as I’m informed by my backyard neighbor. No wind either. Perfect time to reduce some branches to ash for the garden. Guessing the flames went up about 25 feet or so. Meanwhile, I had a second fire going of rubbish from the hermitage. Yes, the drama continues. There are of a sudden eager buyers of the neighbors property on which the hermitage lies in that county of NC. But this happened like a dozen times. “I’ll pay cash!” they state with eagerness. “Tomorrow we’ll get it done!” they proclaim. Never happens. But it’s all looking more serious as people are wanting to live in more remote areas, fleeing lawless Dem controlled cities with all their encouraged rape and murder and arson and looting and such. And lots of these people have throw-away money to make it happen. So, it’s a sad day coming up for me.

Having said all that, all the fires of hell and all the idiocy of this world aren’t enough to attack the love of God for us. Jesus has a place for us in Heaven. It would do us well to pray for those in Purgatory. They will also pray for us. Hail Mary…

Meanwhile, the picture above reminds me of a certain chapter in Jackass for the Hour. Perhaps I should get back to that.


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2 responses to “All the fires of hell aren’t enough to destroy God’s love

  1. James Anderson

    Thanks for reminding me of the title of your novel. Now all I have to do is find it. Please continue it. There are a lot of us long time readers literally dying (I am 80 and can’t hang on much longer.) to read the rest of it.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Realizinng how much time you have available, Father, it would be wonderful if you would return to Jackass for the Hour. It is a wonderful story with so many Catholic truths intertwined.

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