All Souls Day

Uniting yourself to Holy Mass at any hour as Jesus is offering Himself, you can include the intention of the deliverance of the Holy Souls in Purgatory unto heaven where they will offer their biggest thankyou to Jesus, now having come to know, as we must all come to know, how far Jesus had to reach into the hell of this world to grab us, bring us to Himself, bring us finally to heaven so as to give us as a gift united with Himself to our Heavenly Father, who loved the world so much as to send His only Son…

If I remember correctly, although in English, the top picture is actually the mural of apse of the convent chapel of some cloistered nuns in northern Italy. The bottom picture is the fresco in the Angelicum OP community chapel at the University in Rome.

We are doing our purgatory hopefully here on earth. Those who didn’t do it completely are in Purgatory after death before heaven. We must pay our debt in charity to them or we will also go to Purgatory. They are members of the Body of Christ, and if ignore them, it is to our own peril. Our Lord will have us thrown in prison, as He says, until we have paid the last penny. And that is praying for the souls in Purgatory. Do it! Especially today. And visit a cemetery! Realize you’ll be there yourself very very soon, sooner than you thought. No time to lose. Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory! Jesus says that then they will be the ones to welcome you into the Eternal Habitations, that is, Heaven. We’re one family. Hail Mary… x3!

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