Governor Cooper: Covid! Gatherings limited ≤ 10

Ultra-liberal Dem. Gov. Cooper of NC is effecting an executive order limiting mass gatherings to 10 people. He’s especially concentrating on the next days and weeks as the world awaits the ratification of election results. Interesting, that. Because of election ballot fiascos, this could take awhile.

Gov. Cooper said that he hopes this will all wind down by Thanksgiving… wait for it… next year. 2021. Seriously…

Multiple companies are offering all sorts of meds in these days that will quickly bring Covid to an end. They did this right after the election. Get it?

Cooper had to be pushed hard to say that churches are exempt, and that’s the case because a Federal Judge already smashed him down, something he can’t appeal with all his discrimination against believers because – happy to say – Amy Coney Barrett is already sworn in a Justice of the SCOTUS. That will make a difference, unless, somehow the election is stolen and then the Supreme Court is packed on the Harris-Biden ticket Day 1.

Having said all that, maybe ten or under would be good for Church too. It was magnificent – all the glory of God shining forth – when Calvary was left with Jesus, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Mary the wife of Clopas, Mary of Magdala, and John. So, that would be ≤ 10.

I wonder if ABC Liquor stores are exempt, and, you know, Chinese WalMart.


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6 responses to “Governor Cooper: Covid! Gatherings limited ≤ 10

  1. Nan

    Gatherings at homes in MN have just been restricted to 10. Apparently the new D gov restrictions have been dictated.

  2. Joisy Goil

    What about families with more than 8 kids? Do you have to kick out the oldest or youngest ? Or does mom or dad have to walk?

    I guess the powers to be would say you should limit the number of kids you have.

    I guess this is why they said abortion clinics were to be kept open. But then if everybody kept that 6 foot distance – conception would not be a problem. Right?

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    When will people wake up and realize the total dishonesty and desire for total dominion of the left (Democrat Party), Nothing in life is free. There is always a price to pay. Gifts from the left always carry the price tag of the surrender of your liberty, your life and your soul.

  4. Mark March

    Packed courts only if they win the Senate, There is much I don’t like about Sen McConnel, but he does seem to be able to hold the line, and maintain the checks an balance in the Congress. Can he be bought, probably.

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