Reminiscences of Padre Pio: Ermelindo Di Capua OFMCap


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6 responses to “Reminiscences of Padre Pio: Ermelindo Di Capua OFMCap

  1. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for posting this video. It is such a blessing! I have been thinking of Saint Padre Pio a lot the past few days. This morning I rose early and brought out my Holy Card of Padre Pio that is a picture of him in his tomb. I was able to contemplate, read Holy Scripture and pray. It was so peaceful. Afterwards, I was preparing to begin my day and quickly checked my email. I was surprised to see that you had posted a video concerning Saint Padre Pio. Amazing! So I changed my plans, sat back and watched it. God bless you Father George and thank you once again.

  2. pelerin

    I still have a couple of copies of ‘The Voice of Padre Pio’ described as the ‘Periodical of the postulation for the Beatification and Canonisation of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina’ which I bought when it was published in 1972. Watching this video has prompted me to re-read them – thank you Father George.

  3. pelerin

    Am I right in thinking that the murals in the chapel shown at 26 minutes were done by the same artist who did the mosaics on the front of the Rosary Basilica in Lourdes? The long thin figures and huge black eyes are very similar. I spoke to an English priest once who told me he thought the new mosaics in Lourdes were horrible but I have to admit to finding them deeply moving.

  4. Catherine

    Hello Father George,
    I wanted to point out something that has been troubling me about this presentation. When I first viewed this video (at the point of 4:05 in the video) Father Ermelindo stated that Saint Padre Pio died 1968 on September 20. He said it rather clearly. However, the records say that Saint Pio died 1968 September 23. Did Father Ermelindo made a mistake?
    Like a lot of other people, I have done much reading over the years concerning the life and experiences of Saint Padre Pio. A lot of unexplained events that we can only describe as miracles. For instance, September 20th: 1915 Padre Pio received the invisible stigmata; 1918 Padre Pio received the visible stigmata.
    I can’t remember the source, however I read an account from one of Padre Pio’s attending friars, that on September 20, 1968, three days before Padre Pio died that the marks of the stigmata disappeared. The account I read said that in order not to confuse the people, Padre Pio kept the gloves on even after his death. There are many testimonies of strange occurances concerning Padre Pio just before and after his death.
    There is a person that claimed to have seen Padre Pio, on the eve of his death praying in the Church in Abruzzo, Italy before The Holy Face of Manoppello (The Little Shroud of Jesus). This Holy Relic is described as representing the “Risen Lord”. It is the same relic Pope Benedict XVI prayed before on September 1, 2006 just after he became Pope.
    Anyway, its all very interesting and makes one ponder the marvels and mysteries of God.
    God bless you Father George,


    • Father George David Byers

      Maybe Father is long on the tooth…

      • Catherine

        I admire Father Ermelindo for his efforts in speaking English. He may be long in the tooth but I don’t think there is too much wrong with his memory…lol. No matter…have a good Sunday Father. God bless you!


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