Censoring the already censored: that hurts bad

As long time readers know, yours truly, a Catholic parish priest, speaks with Father Gordon MacRae on average of about an hour a day. I edit articles for him which we discuss amidst the usual save the world and the Church banter so common among all priests, day-in and day-out.

Until recently, those articles went up on a site many of you know well: TheseStoneWalls.com, which, sad to say, is no longer a live blog. We’re in the process of transferring the old venue to what is appropriately called https://beyondthesestonewalls.com/.

Father Gordon describes just a bit of the censorship with his first post at the new site: https://beyondthesestonewalls.com/posts/life-goes-on-behind-and-beyond-these-stone-walls.

Yours truly continues to do the OCR scanning, then correcting that, then searching for links and pictures, then sending that on to our new anonymous helper behind the scenes. Blessings upon that volunteer. Yours truly chooses not to be anonymous as it’s more important that it be seen by the laity, by fellow priests, by bishops, by the idiots who hate God and their fellow man, who hate justice and due process, that a priest in good standing is willing to be public about his support for a fellow priest who has been unjustly kicked in the face. Jesus stood by all of us, right?

I’m no techy, but I’ve been able to put a note on the no-longer-live TheseStoneWalls.com site opening page so as to encourage people to go to Father Gordon’s fledgling site: https://beyondthesestonewalls.com/.

The new site is just in its infancy. Lots of hurdles with lots of difficult logistics, as you might imagine. All the nightmares, all at once.

All of this is a nightmare for us and the absolute worst possible time for us, what with Father Gordon’s long time friend, Pornchai Maximilian Moontri, in his terrible sufferings. This is all terribly painful, but it is also a new beginning and a freedom from censorship. First say a Hail Mary…. for Father Gordon and for Max, and then go to:



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14 responses to “Censoring the already censored: that hurts bad

  1. As a long time follower of Thesestonewalls I thank you for all you have done for our mutual friend. I pray for you all every day. I will share the link to as many venues as I can.

  2. pelerin

    When I read that ‘These Stone Walls’ was finishing my heart sank and I felt I had been punched in the face. I immediately realised how much I had benefited from receiving Fr Gordon’s blog post every Wednesday especially over the last few years. At the beginning his blog was one of five regular blogs written by priests which I followed. However now his is the only one still going which I follow. One of those I followed stated ‘In common with a number of other priest bloggers the present papacy has sapped my enthusiasm for blogging.’ With grateful thanks to you Fr George and all those involved in getting Fr Gordon’s words out to us each week.

  3. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for all you have and are doing for Father Gordon and Pornchai. I received a link in my email this past week and was able to read the new postings. It is a good site and I am so grateful for the writings and blessings I receive. Yes, these times are dangerous and very extraordinary. We must stay close to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Thank you for notifying us of the changes. God bless you Father,


  4. sanfelipe007

    I am, also, a long-time follower of thesestonewalls. When I received an email directing me to the new site, I immediately was suspicious. I went to the old site looking for corroboration, but found none, which only hardened my suspicions. Only after independently verifying the safety of the new site, did I visit and bookmark it.
    I have no doubt others were waiting for the corroboration, offered in this post of yours, Father. Thank you.
    I’ll tell you now; I don’t enjoy having to click past several pages just to get to a post. The experience should be more like this site; one click to get to the site with choices of posts, then one more click to get to the post you want to read.
    But perhaps there are good reasons to first pass through so many “eyes” of needles? Thanks be to God for bringing you (and your unique readers) to Father Gordon’s aid.

  5. nancyv

    The picture of the Archangel Michael and the name BEYOND these Stone Walls made my heart leap! Keep pounding the prayer Father! We are with you.

  6. Joisy Goil

    I agree with all the comments above. I too am grateful that you helped Fr Gordon to continue blogging and that you too are still blogging.
    When I first discovered “These Stone Walls” and learned about Fr Gordon and his situation, I was so dismayed that this could happen in our country. I guess you could say I was (almost) totally naïve.
    Fr Gordon and Pornchai remind me of St. Paul and St. Timothy. We live in perilous times. We must be vigilant and make use of all the gifts God is sending to us.

  7. pelerin

    sanfelipe’s comment about being suspicious about the information that Fr Gordon’s site had changed made me realise how easy it is for someone unscrupulous to con a reader. I had complete trust in Fr Gordon so I did not think twice about it. And yet I should have been on my guard as this week I received several phone calls (which I have not answered) from numbers which on googling them I have found to be ‘fake numbers’ with the advice not to ring back. And a few months ago I received over 30 emails from people with very strange names which I did not recognise. They were so odd I wrote them down out of curiosity! So I am not clicking on to any email from Lotje Veltstra, Sander Pots, Nout Schreirs, or Nelis Slagyrt – whoever it was did give up eventually.

    • Aussie Mum

      Every so often I receive a call on my mobile phone (cell phone) from a stranger speaking what I think is Chinese. She immediately launches into a monologue and her voice is cold (a recording perhaps) and continues unabated until I end the call. Strange times indeed Pelerin. One wonders what weirdness will intrude next.

      • pelerin

        I haven’t yet had anyone speaking in Chinese! I don’t answer the phone any longer (I have a BT answer service which leaves a message) and if it rings and a message is not left then know it is one of these dodgy phone calls.One of the funniest emails I ever received purported to come from my Parish Priest saying he had lost his wallet in Africa and please could I send him money. I could tell from how the writer began and ended the email that that was not how a PP would write to one of his parishioners. It was headed RUGENT which made me laugh and was littered with grammatical and other spelling mistakes which of course confirmed that it was not from Fr O. I rang him immediately and he told me not surprisingly that he was not in Africa. It appeared that his email list of addresses had been hijacked and I understand that anyone with a particularly long list of email addresses (such as PPs) can be prone to having it stolen and used in this way. Some time later I received a similar email asking for money as ‘he had lost his wallet etc etc’ purporting to be from a French priest I had emailed on only one occasion. This time there were not the usual spelling or grammar mistakes but I was ready for it and went on the website of his church to let him know. I found out he had changed his email address so obviously knew already about having been hacked.

  8. Aussie Mum

    I have received such emails in the past Pelerin but not from people claiming to be priests; mine were supposedly from wealthy people in distress asking my banking details to help them transfer very large amounts of money. Their story and intentions were so ridiculously phoney that I ignored them. Those emails, like yours, exhibited poor spelling and grammar which improved over time, the fraudsters evidently having discovered the need to improve their language skills. Thankfully, it’s been a few years since I received such emails.

  9. Just for the record: I don’t care if the site looks pretty as long as it is readable. Anyone who frequents my web sites knows that I let the content speak for itself– and I am a techie and could make it look as pretty as I cared to do. The most important thing is that Father MacRae’s message is heard.

  10. Fr. George, this may be a blessing in disguise. I have heard of squarespace, on which Fr. Gordon has his new website. It allows one to host an on-line store, which may come in handy when Pornchai-Max starts up his own wood working business in Thailand…his sales could go world wide. And this would be all in one site, where people can know of his story, get to Fr. Gordon’s post…etc.

    WordPress is censoring conservatives….the Conservative Treehouse is being deplatformed for no reason: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/11/15/the-treehouse-is-deplatformed/

    It’s hard, but it may be a blessing in disguise that that Fr. Gordon has decided/had to move….prayers for all of you…especially Pornchai-Max and Fr. Gordon.

    God bless

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