On the road to jail for Bible study, a flag was to be seen

A flag for each local veteran for Veterans Day. And, of course, we also honor those who laid down their lives, those whom our living veterans remember. Hail Mary…

Meanwhile, the Bible study continues. An odd Bible study, not because the participants are all prisoners – for Jesus has come to set us all free from the bonds of sin and death – but because there’s quite the constant of change, as it were, what with those who are there for a day or two, those who are transferred out to other places, the new faces each session.

And isn’t that the way for us all. We may only get one chance to help someone get to know Jesus this very day. Just once. We can make it count with our angels, with the grace of God, with our Blessed Mother. Hail Mary…

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One response to “On the road to jail for Bible study, a flag was to be seen

  1. sanfelipe007

    I remember returning to the Church after having wandered off as a youth. After attending a retreat, I drove through a fast food restaurant and noticed a homeless man as I waited. My heart was hard, still. Not twenty seconds after I left with my food, my Guardian Angel slapped me hard and my realization instant, because; “how long have I been with you, phillip, and still you do not know me?”
    I drove back to give my food to this homeless man, but he was gone. Then my bitter tears of regret. I had one chance, in that particular instance, and I chose poorly.

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