McCarrick and Jackass for the Hour. I can hardly believe it.

As longtime readers know, I’ve been struggling with what to do with the original Jackass for the Hour as it seemed a bit dated with such an unexpected papacy such as we have with Pope Francis. I thought of ditching it altogether in favor of something along the lines of a post-Francis age, if that will be possible in our lifetimes. Here’s the original cover with my original pen-name, which I later abandoned.

But then, this whole McCarrick fiasco. Here’s the deal: I knew the players, right to the top. I am stunned. Unbelievable. But armed with the “report” and adjunct reports, all I have to do is add another story line and change a few details of some scenarios to accommodate this new information. I mean, the whole framework of faithlessness on the one hand is already there. And the story lines of faithfulness are already there as well. As far as what I wanted to do with the next papacy, that framework is already in the tightly scripted pages as well. I wish I had the time to write.


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4 responses to “McCarrick and Jackass for the Hour. I can hardly believe it.

  1. Nan

    When the time is right you’ll have the time to write.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    The first book was wonderful, Father. I am sorry that it dwindled away. However a book with insights into the sad situation that Christ’s Bride is in right now should make riveting reading. Look forward to reading it when you are free to write it. God bless you. Happy Easter, Father, you are a good part of the gifts God has given us for which we should be eternally grateful.

  3. Loved the original and I will love whatever it becomes.

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