Dear Pope Francis, about the “Christmas” fiasco 2020 in front of the obelisk…

Dear Pope Francis, why not next year put me, your Missionary of Mercy, in charge of the Christmas creche in front of the obelisk? Yes. Do it.

My idea for Christmas 2021? A life-size = relatively tiny crib scene, a small manger, smaller than the width of the obelisk, all respectful of the Word Incarnate, of His dear, humble Immaculate Virgin Mother, of quiet Saint Joseph, a few shepherds, a joyful angel. That’s it. Donate the money for the overly ostentatious tree to, say, small parish churches like mine, you know, for the installation of altar rails, of a real altar. Seriously.

Jesus came to us, to these peripheries, with humility, in the quiet of the night, a Light in the darkness. Tiny. Humble. Good and kind. The Living Truth. That’s not just the symbol, the message. Let’s point all to Jesus, to the manner in which He chose to come among us.


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7 responses to “Dear Pope Francis, about the “Christmas” fiasco 2020 in front of the obelisk…

  1. Rory O'Callaghan


  2. I sent an email to the Pope to take it down. It really is a disgrace.

  3. pelerin

    Those figures look like something out of a BBC sci-fi programme called ‘ Dr Who’ – the monsters were always so scary that the children often used to watch it from behind the sofa. Don’t the local priests or cardinals have any say in the annual Crib in Rome?
    I have seen some horrors in my time though thankfuly never in England where we tend to have the traditional Crib figures probably made in Italy 50 or even 100 years ago. I have seen some very strange Cribs in Paris – one in one of the prominent churches there was a Golden Egg – no figures – that was it. In another one I joined several people who were gathered round it, all completely mystified wondering what on earth it was supposed to represent.
    I have a beautiful Crib my Father in Law brought back from Rome in the Holy Year of 1950.
    I join you in your appeal to the Holy Father to bring back the traditional Crib figures – they must be somewhere in the Vatican hidden away in a dark corner perhaps?

  4. nancyv

    That was a very charitable letter. The donkey was cute though.

    • Father George David Byers

      I erased most everything half dozen times. Yes, the donkey, the only one with common sense, is upset with the bull, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Look at the face.

  5. James Anderson

    It looks like the holy family are aliens from outer space. I know the Vatican Observatory is run by a Jesuit brother. Maybe he was able to make contact with the aliens who sculpted it.

  6. Joisy Goil


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