Hanukkah and the Light of the Nations

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The Light of the Nations marches on. Day five of Hanukkah.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is safely back in the shrine on the hill up behind the church after the procession the other day. And inside the church Our Lady of Fatima has taken her place:

Maybe this is what the U.S. Census Bureau meant by priests “keeping” women in their rectories!

Hey! On that note, I really should have told them about Jesus residing with me as well, in the Tabernacle, a mighty small room, but He’s here with me!

Meanwhile, this was texted to me:

Don’t be mad at the priest for sitting down. He might have gotten his leg blown off, or his other arm torn out. But we still want to put in an altar rail to make reception of Holy Communion, of the Light of the World, a bit easier. Jesus is the Light of the World, and Mary is the Arc of the Covenant.

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