Homosexualists at Census Bureau’s ACS admit lying to get gay funding

What’s that? “The Census Bureau handles item[sic] of nonresponse by imputation, that is, by assigning values for the missing items.” Oh my! I wonder if that means that they will assign values that will upend demographics for a region to the end that a region will not get part of the $675,000,000,000.00 billion dollars in available government grants, but another one, say one headed by a Dem governor will get those funds, something which sways elections. Get it?

This admittedly purposed lying is also admitted elsewhere, with the Bureau stating plainly that so many truthful answers will nevertheless be changed that no hacker guy will ever be able to associate answers with any particular person. In other words, no matter what you respond or don’t, your answers will be changed, and of course those imputed answers will be in favor whatever political agendas promoted by the Census Bureau, having little to do with taxpayers’ will in the matter.

This is all an exercise in taxation without representation against the consciences of citizens, using citizens as instruments of social change against the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Specifically:

The Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, a certain Steven D. Dillingham has authored a newly revamped American Community Survey that promotes everything homosexualist and transgender. Since Stevie has promised to do up a bit of imputation for any non-response to questions on gay and trans lifestyles to get what he wants, and has promised to change any other answers anyway so as to protect respondents[Pfft], do you think that Stevie baby is going to change those answers to get the demographics he wants for the programs he wants? I bet a good chunk of tax-payer monies will go to homosexualist and transgender causes, like government paid sex changes, like free home enlargement for same-sex adoptions, like an attack on religion by way of funding hate groups.

Welcome to the American Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which is not American, not a Union, not a Council (Soviet), not anything Social, and certainly not any kind of Republic, but rather a dictatorship. I’ve been in a lot of Marxist-Communist-Socialist countries, all of them oppressive of citizens, all of them dictatorships, with government workers kicking citizens in the face. Always.

But don’t think this is about anything homosexual or transgender. These power grabbers couldn’t care less. This is about destroying consciences, about making for ease of transition to making the population slaves (oh yes, regardless of color). The first to go to the camps are those who cling to conscience, to their very souls before God.

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