You know you’re getting old at Christmas when…

  • … when your knees go out more than you do.
  • … when you’re growing as long in the ears as you are long in the tooth.
  • … [add a comment to add your own ending!]

This is put up in honor to Father Gordon MacRae, who, setting such a good example under impossible circumstances, keeps up his good humor. It’s so important to keep up with good humor under the impossible circumstances we’re all in. The first example is from Father Gordon. I added the second, because donkeys are always with the Holy Family, right from the start in Bethlehem.


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5 responses to “You know you’re getting old at Christmas when…

  1. You have to nap to be awake for Midnight Mass

  2. nancyv

    You know you’re getting old at Christmas when you complain about decorations going up after Halloween and then BAM, it’s Christmas.

  3. sanfelipe007

    .. when no one understands your pop references anymore. “I’ll be in like Flynn” is met with polite silence as they couldn’t guess weather “Flynn” was a “what” or a “who!”

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    When the whipper-snappers make you nuts! God bless the great man, Father MacRae. God bless you, Father, and God bless those wonderful, intelligent and patient creatures…donkeys. They were the perfect creatures to bring God’s good Mom to Bethlehem for the beginning of our salvation, and Jesus to Jerusalem for its fulfillment.

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