Commenting on Arise! Locked out while being locked down is no good

Feeling locked out while your locked down? You can’t comment on AriseLetUsBeGoing, just another blog? People tell me this once in a while, but I’m perplexed about this.

There is no log-in, despite what the screen-grab indicates above. What WordPress should say is that you can either:

  • fill in the form manually, the email address (however generic) and name (or internet handle)
  • OR – [not logging-in] – you can fill in the forms automatically by clicking on the icons of your WordPress, Twitter or FaceBook account if you have them. You don’t have to have those accounts to fill in the form manually.

Or, is that not true? Does anyone see any other kind of form different from the one above?


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8 responses to “Commenting on Arise! Locked out while being locked down is no good

  1. Surprisingly if I submit a comment here it gets posted!

  2. nancyv

    eh, who the heck knows what goes on in cyberspace. I just figured you were editing what comments you want to share…or maybe our Guardian Angels are doing the editing 🙂 Anyway thanks for caring about our comments.

  3. sanfelipe007

    This is where cookies are supposed to make our lives easier. Getting that screen is common for those who delete their cookies/browser history. Cookies are the reason you, all-of-a-sudden, start seeing ads for, say, lawnmowers, after you visit Home Depot researching lawnmowers. But what do I know?

  4. Anne Maliborski

    I have never been locked out because I never have to log in. I saved my password and email address for the site. I also clicked the “notify me of future posts” button so I don’t miss a thing. 😉

  5. pelerin

    No problem here. Am always amused by the ads which appear which have nothing to do with what I was looking at but being robotic they have no brain to work that out. On looking at Lourdes an ad appeared for walk-in baths and on looking at pictures of the Corpus Christi ‘carpet of flowers’ held each year at Arundel in the south of England up came an ad for ‘quality bedroom carpets!’ And on looking up details for a Collectors’ Fair an ad for a ‘Dating Agency for Geeks’ appeared. I thought this ad was rather unfair to those of us who are Collectors!

  6. I have had it happen before but not at all this past year.

  7. I comment all the time, and while I get the same screen as everyone else, I just fill in the information every time. For the rest of the readers, I have never “signed up” for this site and don’t have “an account” here or at any of the other referenced sites. Hopefully that doesn’t change as I like it just the way it is, and it makes the site less of a target for hackers as it doesn’t have any logon or profile information stored.

  8. Joisy Goil

    I have had it both ways, name and email appear and other times I have to manually type them in. I figured it was because I probably have a zillion cookies, scams, whatever! floating in my computer. Somedays my comments don’t appear and I too thought Father George was wisely editing. I used to think I knew what I was doing on the computer – now days – I think I’m in the dark most of the time.

    Love you all, – Fr George, Laudie and Shadow, fellow readers. May God protect us, bless us and grant us a healthy, peaceful New Year

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